Homemade dumplings - tasty, satisfying and traditional

Recently, with dumplings, more and more, associated storefront convenience products, which, at an affordable price, can be purchased at any small grocery store or supermarket, basically, it's food for lazy or bachelors.

Now it is rare who cooks such a dish at home, and after all, the old days each housewife had her own secret of making delicious and healthy dumplings.


True, there are many representatives of the fair sex who revive this wonderful tradition, because molding ravioli is not just a process of cooking, it is also a pleasant and fascinating pastime with family or friends. As a result: a tasty and healthy dish, which is very different from the purchased one.

Many Ukrainians and Russians believe that dumplings are their traditional dish, but, as it turned out, there are a lot of analogues of chopped meat with spices wrapped in dough slices, and they can be found in the traditional cuisine of almost every country.

For example, the indigenous inhabitants of the Caucasus are very fond of their khinkali, in Italy they love ravioli, and the Turks and Uzbeks proudly serve mantias on the table, and all these varieties are similar to our dumplings.

In addition, Ukrainians can boast of another variety - dumplings, which, in essence, are the same ravioli, just not with meat, but with vegetables, cottage cheese or berries. Versions, who nevertheless became the progenitor of such a tasty and beloved by many dishes, there are many, but the most popular refers to China.


Over time, travelers and sailors spread them all over the world, in Russia the first dumplings appeared in Siberia, they were ideally suited for winter trips and crossings.

Judge for yourself: in minus temperatures, meat wrapped in dough preserves its own taste and nutritional properties for a long time, and it is very simple to cook them: just dip them in boiling water for only 10-15 minutes. Today, there are many recipes and schemes that tell how to make delicious and fragrant homemade dumplings, which one to choose for yourself, can be solved only after trying many of them.

Classic and one might saythe traditional Siberian dumplings are considered to be there, they were prepared according to a special recipe: crushed ice was added to the filling, so that the finished dish was as juicy as possible, and chilled minced meat is more amenable to modeling.

Sometimes, instead of crushed ice, they add frozen juice of blueberry, lingonberry or cloudberry, which gives the final dish a special flavor.

But according to the Ural traditions, minced meat had to necessarily consist of 3 main types of meat - pork, lamb and beef - and so that the minced meat did not turn into a hard lump when cooked, you can add grated radish, chopped greens or fresh cabbage to it.

Secrets of cooking homemade ravioli

In Russia and Ukraine, dumplings-ears are considered the most popular and beloved, because in their form they, in truth, resemble a small human ear.

Pay special attention to the stuffing: if you want to pamper yourself with the most real dumplings, then the minced meat for them should be finely chopped with a knife, and not grind in a meat grinder or, even “better,” take the purchased one.

A little knack is required

The most familiar to us is minced, where they mix pork and beef, there are also fans of this option: turkey + beef.There are more unusual options: the bone marrow is mixed with lamb or pork, there are lovers and sea dumplings, there, as a filling serves fish fillet or crab meat.

To make the meat more juicy, it is not necessary to use crushed ice, as is done in Siberia, it is enough to put spices, garlic and onions in the meat.

The dough should be elastic and as homogeneous as possible, so that eventually large and thin layers can be rolled out, from which the future blanks for mincemeat will be cut.

Flour beforehand it is important to sift, then the dough will be airy and it will be easier to knead. We make a well in the hill of sifted flour: we break eggs into it, add water and salt in a thin stream, the main thing here is not to overdo it with liquid, otherwise the dough will not turn out steep and elastic.

The longer you knead it, the better, when you're done, you can not start sculpting right away, you need to give it a "rest". To do this, lay it in a separate container, cover with a clean towel and let stand for about 30 minutes. At this time, gluten has enough time to swell, which gives the dough the necessary elasticity.

Do not compare with store

Sculpting is a crucial moment in the whole cooking process, it is very important to roll out the dough layer correctly, its thickness should not exceed 1-2 mm. This is done so that the dumplings are easily boiled, but not torn under the action of heat treatment.

In order for the blanks to be approximately the same, use a glass or a glass, resulting in the same circles.

A teaspoon of minced meat is laid out in the center of the circle, the edges are well plucked and wrapped in the center so that the dumpling is round. You need to pinch as tightly as possible so that the dumplings do not spread out during cooking, and the whole delicious meat juice does not flow out. That's all the tips.

Recipe for classic ravioli

For the test you will need:

  • top grade flour - 500 g;
  • vegetable oil - 1 tbsp. a spoon;
  • eggs - 3 pcs .;
  • water - 200 ml;
  • salt.

For the filling you will need:

  • beef - 300 g;
  • pork - 300 g;
  • onion - 2 pieces;
  • salt pepper.

So, we start with the dough: sift the flour, add the remaining components and knead it thoroughly for 10-15 minutes, sprinkle with flour and send it under a clean towel to “breathe” and “relax”.At this time we will deal with minced meat: pork and beef can be ground in a meat grinder, mix the two types of meat together. There we also add onion, pepper and salt peeled and cut into small cubes to taste.

Hearty meal

After the dough is "rested", cut off the piece and roll it into a uniform thin layer, cut out the same circles with a glass and start making pelmeni without forgetting to tear the edges well. Many are always tormented by the question of how much to cook dumplings, so that the meat is cooked, and the dough does not spread out?

It all depends on their size, but usually 10-15 minutes in boiling and well-salted water is enough. When they all float to the surface, they can already be pulled out.

To the table such a dish can be served directly in the broth in which the dumplings were cooked, or you can catch them and cook a delicious sauce for them. The taste of such a dish is easily revealed by homemade sour cream, mustard, or mayonnaise; on top, dumplings are usually sprinkled with crumbled greens, sometimes a few spoons of sunflower oil are added.

By the way, for those who are bored with traditional cooking dumplings, you can try another option: just fry the dumplings in a frying pan, and then pour homemade sour cream.The result is a very unusual, with a crispy crust, a dish that is perfect for any table.

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