Heidi Klum has not even real eyelashes.

Supermodel showed how makeup artists turn her into a beauty.

At the age of 45, the star of the catwalks looks great and still can not only afford outright outfits, but even go out in a bra, her figure is so good. Heidi’s face was affected by age-related changes, but not so much that it was shy. As Klum herself says, the plastic surgeon’s knife didn’t touch her. And apparently, the model is not cunning. As if in evidence, Heidi posted a video on Instagram that showed how she was turned into beauty.

Supermodel appeared in the frame with wet hair, tied up in a bun, and without a single gram of makeup. Then the makeup artist and stylist began to conjure four hands over her. And as if by magic, mimic wrinkles smoothed out, folds under the eyes disappeared, “crow's feet” around the eyes became less noticeable and elegant styling appeared, turned cheekbones.

Fans of the star, looking at this huge amount of cosmetics suggested that makeup did more than one hour.The result is wonderful, but something still confused. The audience wanted to believe that big eyes with thick eyelashes are still by nature, but, as the video showed, bundles of Klum eyelashes are glued, and eyes are enlarged due to numerous tricks and a whole palette of shadows.

At the same time, fans wrote that makeup, of course, works wonders, but in the case of Heidi, it is not needed. She is beautiful both with him and without him. But everyone understands that Klum is trying not so much for the public as for his young boyfriend Tom Kaulitz, who is 16 years younger than her.

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