Harvey Weinstein gave the first interview after the scandal

Publication by Diario Versión Final (@versionfinal)July 14, 2018 at 8:46 pdt

Theodorakopoulos added that before Harvey "called through assistants and forced him to wait for an answer", which was normal, because he was "the greatest Hollywood magnate of all those," but not this time: "He called me directly, without everyone there" Harvey Weinstein wants to talk to you, please wait. "

“Although some will say that I am not objective, I have doubts about women who are announced many years later and want more after Weinstein allegedly raped them. However, sentiment in America makes a fair trial impossible. The #MeToo movement will bury any judge and any jurors who do not require the most severe punishment for Harvey, Taki concluded. “Maybe I don't understand something?” He lost everything, and he is even called a monster by a concierge in a London hotel who overheard me discussing this story with my editor.At least Harvey was making good pictures. ”

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