How do they celebrate Halloween? And is it necessary to do this? Attitude to this day is twofold. Someone is preparing for this holiday, arranging parties or attending attractions, someone, on the contrary, believes that this day is no different from usual. In any case, crafts, dedicated to the day of evil forces, can be done with the children.

You do not have to go to the cemetery at night, catch bats and toads, hunt ghosts. They still do not really exist. But a fun composition, where all this will be present, can be done. Do not be afraid of witches or vampires, listen at night to strange sounds, because in the day it all becomes quite understandable. This needs to be taught to your children.

Composition to Halloween grave with a ghost

Composition to Halloween - grave with a ghost

What you need to work:

  • Plasticine set;
  • Stack or toothpick.

The proposed composition will consist of several elements.In the center of crafts - the grave, around it are fresh flowers, as well as a number of otherworldly creatures: a ghost, a bat and a toad.

All this is perfect for crafts, timed to celebrate the day of evil spirits. Thus, the following colors will be used in the work: gray, white, black, green, red, yellow.

Blind two gray plates - these will be marble slabs on the grave. Make enough thick cakes. On one side, round each cake, smooth it with your fingers.

Glue both boards perpendicularly. Now go to the brighter plasticine - you need to cover the foot of the flowers. Use red, yellow and green clay.

Make small flowers with stems and place them on the bottom plate. Also from green plasticine prepare small fragments of the frog figure - an oval body, legs with flippers.

Glue the details to get a frog. Stick in front of funny eyes, long red tongue. Now the frog is sitting and looking at us. Perhaps she is the witch's messenger.

To make a disembodied ghost, you need white clay. Make the head-onion, pushing the place of the eyes with the fingertips To imitate your arms, stretch the flat tape, point it at the ends, and bend it.

All other parts do not need to show, because the ghost will hide behind the tombstone and will only look out.

Attach your arms, above, add your head with black eyes and a smile. Since the head will not stay in the air, use a piece of toothpick to attach it.

And the last figure is a black bat. These animals appear only at night, and all dark is necessarily associated with the day of evil forces.

To blind a bat figure is even easier, because it will be small, you will only need to show the outlines of the wings, make a small ball-head and glue small dots - glowing eyes.

Gather all the details together to complete the thematic composition.

A Halloween craft out of plasticine is ready. It is not a fearless thing, but on the contrary, it will only cause a smile. Show your imagination, maybe you will come up with any more characters that can be attached to the composition.

The author of the master class is Elena Nikolaeva.

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