Hairstyle undercut - a new trend in haircuts

A true gentleman should have everything perfect, starting with clothes and shoes, finishing with accessories and hair. And it is about the latter will be discussed in this article. The undercut hairstyle has become a real squeak of the past seasons.

What is this haircut?

Undercut is a men's creative haircut, which has become especially popular in recent years. For the first time it appeared in the UK and became a real visiting card of the English style of the 60s of the last century.

Girls like it too

But, as you know, fashion is cyclical, and everything new is a well forgotten old, so undercut has returned and has become almost one of the most popular hairstyles among the strongest half of humanity.

What is this hairstyle? Its name is translated from English as “cut off bottom”, and it is this that fully describes the essence. The back of the head and temples are completely shaved, and the hair in the zone from the forehead to the top of the head remains long. The transition length, in fact, can be both smooth and sharp, or even absent altogether.

Does everyone fit?

Who would suit an undercut hairstyle? Almost everything, so that it can be safely called universal. A variety of styling options allows you to adjust the shape of the face. In addition, this haircut is combined with any style of clothing, including classic, casual and even sports. Everything will depend on how you lay your hair.

Undercut is also very convenient! Choosing the optimal way of laying according to your lifestyle or depending on the case and upcoming cases, and also using fixing tools, you can get rid of the need to constantly adjust your hair. That's why this haircut is suitable for active, business, and very busy men.

Glamor image

It should be noted that the considered haircut makes the image courageous, somewhat brutal, but at the same time creative, bright and fresh. So, to a greater extent, it fits independent and self-confident men who are eager for self-expression, not afraid of change and ready for experiments.

Although it may well happen that, having made a haircut undercut, a man of modest, insecure and downtrodden will turn into a real "macho" and conqueror of women's hearts.So try to try this haircut is worth everyone. In the end, there is always the possibility to change everything.

Scandalous image

With regard to the type of hair, it is more harmonious and well-groomed man's undercut hair will look on straight and not too stiff hair. Very stiff hairs will always stand on end (although this kind of laying is very suitable for some), but you will have to straighten and tighten up strongly curly.

How to create a hairstyle?

Pretty boy

How to make a haircut undercut? It is not difficult at all. Its creation consists of several stages:

  1. It is desirable to first separate the top of the hair from the bottom. To do this, it is necessary to conduct direct parting on the lateral parts of the head above the temporal areas, as well as a smooth rounded parting on the border of the crown. Clip hair can be clips or hairpins.
  2. All that remains below the fixed hair is removed using a typewriter. It is better to choose the nozzle number 2, number 3 or number 4. The shorter the hair, the more pronounced the contrast, and the more creative the hairstyle. Whiskey can not shave completely, and short cut.
  3. Then you can proceed to the design of the upper part. You can choose the same length and cut all the hair with a comb and the same machine or scissors (they should be sharp and well sharpened).And you can make the transition from the top to the frontal part.
  4. Long hair can be profiled (especially if it is very thick and rather stiff), but this is not necessary.

Although the creation of a hairstyle is simple, it is still better to turn to a hairdresser, as he will make the haircut neat and will be able to choose the optimal length and transition, taking into account the type of appearance and face shape. Having come to the hairdresser, it is important to express your preferences. Better yet, show the photo that will be used as the main guide and sample.

Styling Features

Stylish option

You can style your hair in a variety of ways:

  • First, comb your hair well and brush it with foam or mousse. If you want to create the effect of wet hair, use gel. And to hairstyle was more natural and natural, at the very end, apply varnish. Now take a comb and comb the hair back, but not pressing it to the head, but giving volume. Such styling is almost universal.
  • Just comb your hair back.
  • More business option - it combed to the side. Just comb your hair and use a comb to put it on its side, and then fix it with lacquer if necessary.
  • For a party or meeting with friends, you can choose a more creative and cheeky styling option. Lift the hair and mix it, then slightly correct the hairstyle with your fingers and fix it with varnish.
  • You can comb the hair at the roots, giving them extra volume, and then remove the upper parts back or to the side. To make the volume not so chaotic, as when stuffing, but more restrained and presentable, use foam or mousse, a round comb (brushing) and a hairdryer. Raise your hair with a comb and direct a jet of hot air to the root zone. The variant with a prince is suitable for parties, and the second - for official events.
  • The next option is more suitable for laying teenagers and young people, as well as guys with high forehead. First, the hair should be slightly combed and smeared with mousse or foam. Then lay them forward, and then slightly slide aside so that the bangs cover the part of the forehead and lie obliquely. Fix hair with lacquer, paying special attention to bangs.

When choosing a styling option, consider not only the relevance in a particular case, but also the style of clothing and the shape of the face. So, if the face is round, then an additional volume of hair, laid up, will help to slightly stretch it. If the face is elongated, then the hair, on the contrary, is better placed on its side.As for clothes, then in style, it must necessarily be combined with the hair.

Glamor guy

And remember that these gentlemen must always watch their hair!

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