Hair foam: use

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Previously, women used home remedies for styling: beer, sweetened water, put on hair curlers for the night. But now there are many different styling tools that help us quickly and easily create styling. Current cosmetics does not require special skills and professionalism, it is suitable for home use. In just a couple of minutes you will make your hair docile.

The most popular styling tool is foam. It will not only hold the curls together, but also give volume, which is useful for fine hair. Foams help to maintain long hairstyles, give shine shine and pomp. The function of the foam is based on the fact that it makes hair thicker, because the hairstyle acquires volume, elasticity, keeps the position. In addition, this tool creates a film on the hair that protects them from negative influences. It may contain components that facilitate the process of disentangling, strengthen curls.

Features of hair foam

It is important to note that hair creams have their own characteristics. Spray cans are available with different volume - 75-250 ml.The size of the package is chosen based on the frequency of application. This product is stored for a long time (about 3 years), but it is undesirable to store the opened balloon for more than 6 months.

Hair foam: use

In addition, the foam varies in effect and degree of influence on the hair. There are varieties of medium and low fixation, they unobtrusively help to model the styling. But they are not too popular, because they are suitable only for those who have obedient curls. More often foam is bought by strong and superstrong fixation. But the use of such drugs should be moderate, because they are able to dry hair. They will fit greasy hair.

Foam becomes a real find. This tool is able to care for hair and help in styling.

In addition, other varieties have been created that are suitable for different purposes and types of hair:

for dried, weak and devoid of shine;
for hair with excessive fat content;
for colored curls;
for curls.

Thus, you can find the perfect foam that will suit specific hair. Some brands produce products with high heat resistance, because the foam have protection from UV rays and high temperatures.

Another variety - tint tool.

Styling Foam

Penki for styling exist in a wide variety. Find the right option is easy. There are three types of fixation of the laying foam: weak, strong and medium. The opinion that the higher the fixation level, the better the hair holds, is mistaken. You need to choose based on the length and type of curls.

If you have heavy thick curls, then a tool with a maximum fixation is suitable, since weak simply can not cope. But a strong fixation does not fit the fine hair, because they become rigid from it.

Hair foam: use

If you decide to purchase a new foam that you do not know, then you need to test the product to determine its effectiveness. Squeeze a small amount of the foam and rub it in your palm. Hands will start to stick at first, but then it will pass. If the stickiness is not gone, then refuse to buy.

Colorless Foam

Weak sex often changes mood and style. Today, a woman wants to be a blonde, and tomorrow a red beast. Having received one shade of ringlets, suddenly comes the understanding that today we need a completely different one. A frequent use of paint does not do any good. And here comes to the rescue tinted foam.It will help to get a shade, but it will not break the structure of the curls, since there are no aggressive elements in its composition.

This is what you need. After all, you do not just get the desired color, but also moisten and nourish your hair. It is easy to choose a shade, and painting will take no more than half an hour. Another plus of such a foam is the ability to give curls a normal look, to eliminate the effects of unsuccessful staining.

A variety of scum helps to choose the right option for your hair type.

Remember that the shade of the foam should not be lighter by more than 3 tones. Keeps such a foam no more than a month. But the plus is that you can always update the color, add saturation to it.

This is a great way to experiment without harming your hair. And if the resulting shade does not like, then it is washed off from the head of hair, which can not be said and paint.

Volume foam

One of the purposes of foam for the volume is the fluffiness of the hair. You do not have to apply a lot of effort. Apply to moisturized hair and take a hair dryer or hair curlers in order to lift the roots. The advantage is that the foam does not make the curls heavy and does not glue it, it will easily be distributed over them due to the weightless and silky structure.Every hair gains density and thickness.

In addition to the main function - creating pomp - foam has useful components. They will protect the hair from the negative effects of the external environment.

Air Conditioner

There are foam conditioners for hair regeneration after dyeing and for moisturizing overdried strands. Such a tool regenerates the structure, does not confuse, eliminates negative influences. It has an effect on the hair shaft. The secret of this tool is to combine the active components:

the creation of a shell for protection is obtained because of amandulin. It stands out from the almond grains. This element is akin to keratin, therefore it is able to ensure the sticking of the flakes of the rod;
an extract of nuts called Nutelin is rich in amino acids, sugars and proteins. It gives hair elasticity;
Wheat proteins nourish moisture, protect against damage. They create a film on the hair, simplify and fix the styling;
components to protect preserve stained curls from oxidation. Especially moisturizing is required for thin and dry hair to prevent tangling;
air conditioner does not wash off.So he continues to nourish and moisturize damaged strands, giving them obedience, shine.

Hair foam: use

As a result, you will get compliant and moisturized hair that is easy to comb. But the feature of the tool is that before applying it can not be shaken, and applied only on moist strands.

Foam application

Before applying the foam, carefully read the instructions, and then make a test for allergies. To do this, apply it to the elbow bend. If there is no itching, then proceed with the styling.

To begin, consider the rules of the foam for pomp and fixing curls. Lubricate her slightly moist clean hair. Remove excess water with a towel. Shake the balloon with foam, squeeze out a little foam into your hand. For long curls fit a ball the size of an orange, and for a haircut - with a nut. Spread uniformly on the head of hair, divided into 4 parts:

2 temporal;
the back of the head;

Gently rub in, if volume is required, apply to the roots. Now pack with a comb and hair dryer. It is important to apply the tool in the volume that is required, otherwise the curls will stick together, and instead of pomp we get icicles. The situation is corrected by repeated washing.

Useful tips and hairstyles to help create the perfect image without the application of great effort.

The use of tinting foam is simple. This will require gloves, so as not to paint your palms. Apply to hair and distribute. Leave for the time specified in the instructions, without exceeding it. Rinse with warm water.

Stylist tips

We will tell the main tips of stylists on the use of the foam to create an attractive styling:

You can not apply the foam on the wet hair, so the curls stick together. Better dry them lightly to get a little moisture. When squeezing the product, take as much as it fits in the palm of your hand;
immediately after application, it is important to carefully distribute the product along the length of the hair using a thin comb with sparse teeth. And only then lay;
If you need to create a volume that, when drying with a hair dryer, lift the roots with a comb. First, the volume is created at the back of the head, and after the front;

Hair foam: use

if you want to twist the ends, then take a round brush. Similar laying begins with the top. For this hairstyle, the strands are wound onto a comb in turn, blowing on a hair dryer. Now you can give curls any form, they will become obedient;
after the end of the laying process, select a pair of strands and apply a foam. Do the same with the ends so that they are not divided;
Foam on the curls are applied before laying on curlers. Then they are dried with a hair dryer, which will fix the curls. Thus, there is no need to use varnish.

Styling methods with foam

Consider some ways of laying with foam in more detail. They help to create an image when time is short:

Volume at the roots.

Plain foam will help make a great volume:

wash your hair and dry with a towel;
let them dry on their own about half. Now start creating a hairstyle;
shake the foam, squeeze the required amount, but apply to the roots;
a hair dryer and a round brush, dry the strands, constantly lift near the roots.

To fix the hair, you need to blow it with a stream of cold air.

The effect of wet hair.

To create a similar effect stacking foam is required:

wash the curls and give them half dry;
apply the required amount of foam on the entire length;
now remember strands with your hands, creating curls of them;
let your hair dry by yourself. Here a hairdryer is not required, sincecurls will become untidy and fluff;
To enhance the effect, select a pair of beautiful curls with gel or wax.

Hair foam: use

If you want to keep styling longer, then moisten the washed hair with water with sea salt, and then start styling in the same way.

Penka for hair becomes a true helper, if the remedy is chosen correctly and applied without excesses.

Popular foam manufacturers

Among the wide range of hair scrums, there are popular manufacturers who create quality products:

Weatherproof Styling Froth.

This British-made tool is suitable for styling and protection from bad weather. It gives hair splendor and fastens hair. The foam protects the hair from the negative effects of the external environment, including heat.

Dessange Code by Phytodess.

This is a French remedy that helps to give splendor and lightness to thinned strands. Helps to fix the hairstyle.

Move-Me 16 Crazy Shape.

The Italian manufacturer Dikson offers a modeling foam that protects the curls from the aggressive influences of the environment. Foam is perfect for creating textured laying, giving shine and protection against magnetization.

The cosmetics market offers a wide range of hair foams from different manufacturers.

Natural Volume.

The German company Wella has long been known for the production of styling products. This foam has a light texture, it is simply applied, giving the curls a shine and even shine. The volume is obtained along the entire length.

Volume Boost.

The Japanese manufacturer Senscience has created a foam for thin and soft curls. Differs in fast absorbency that gives chance to create fast laying. On dried curls, textured hairstyles are obtained, and on wet ones, fixation is ensured. The weightlessness of the texture gives the curls radiance, pomp and silkiness.

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