In order to make such a hairpin, you will need: • Three satin ribbons 5 cm wide. • A piece of organza 25? 5 cm. • • Cardboard. • • Scissors. • • Ruler. • Candle or lighter. • Moment glue or glue gun. • • Rhinestones, beads. • • Hair tie (bezel, automatic hairpin). to make such a pin
To begin with, you will have to cut squares (5? 5 cm) from ribbons. For convenience, measure the tape with a ruler and mark with a pencil, and only then cut it off. These squares must be cut into seven pieces of each color.
 cut small squares
 cut squares
Scorch the edges of the ribbons so that they do not bloom, but you it was more convenient to work with the fabric.
 Burn the edges of the ribbons
You can proceed to the warehouses Kanzashi petal. Connect the two opposite corners of the square to make a triangle.
 start folding kanzash petal
Fold the blank in half as shown in the photo.
Fold the blank in half
Then, fold it in half again to get such a sharp petal.
 fold in half
So that it does not disintegrate, you need to singe the edge and press it while it is still hot.
singe the edge and squeeze
Cut off the excess and also treat the ribbon with fire.
Trim extra
 Trim excess
The classic petal for the first row of the flower is ready. Make six more such petals.
 Classic petal
Next, from the ribbon of a different color, fold the same petals. In total, they will need seven.
 add the same petals
For the second row of petals we use a ribbon of contrasting color,the photo is a silver ribbon.
 photo is a silver ribbon
Fold up the petal like the previous time, only after the last treatment with fire, press it with your fingers the place where the tape melted. And then turn out the blank. You should have this petal.
Fold petal
 We fold the petal
Complete six more such blanks.
 Execute six more
All petals are ready. Heat the glue gun and glue the two petals together as shown in the photo below. You can use Moment glue, but then you have to wait a little longer until the glue hardens.
All petals are ready
 All petals are ready
For the base, take a piece of cardboard and cut out a circle with a diameter of 3 -4 cm. Apply ribbons on both sides.
 takepiece of cardboard
Create the first row of the flower. To do this, glue the seven petals in a circle, leaving some space in the middle.
Form the first row of the flower
In the second row, also glue seven petals. This time, a little closer to the middle.
 also seven petals
Now cut organza quad Atici 5? 5 cm. and make the same petals as for the second row. There should be only five. Then paste them in the middle. To make the flower even more elegant, make six more petals as for the second row and paste them as shown in the photo.
 make six more petals
From thin ribbons, as in the first version Or of beads in the second, take the stamens. Glue the decoration on the hair tie, hairpin or bezel.
 Kanzashi hairpin
Hairpin in kanzashi technique
In the middle of the flower, paste rhinestones or one large bead. Hairpin in kanzashi technique is ready!
 Kanzashi hairpin

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