Growing seedlings

But in order for the race to play its role, the seedlings must be strong, healthy, with well developed roots. The main condition for obtaining good seedlings is temperature and light. If it is a bit dark in the room and there is no possibility to install additional lighting, it is possible to wait a little with sowing until March, when the light day will be longer.

Seedlings are grown with a pick and without it. The most perfect way to grow seedlings - in cups, pots. Tomato seedling is perfect for picking; it can be grown initially in boxes. You can sow seeds in containers of any size, but it is more convenient to use small paws, plastic jars from under the preserves. The soil layer should be at least 10-15 cm. Sow seeds randomly or in rows.

When growing seedlings on the windowsill, it is important to maintain the correct mode of heat and light. After sowing, the jars are covered with some transparent material, which creates a favorable microclimate for seed germination and is placed in a warm place, the temperature should be 20-25 ° C. As soon as shoots appear, the film is removed and the temperature is reduced to 5-10 ° C.In this mode, the seedlings are kept for a week to get stronger, then the temperature is raised to 15-18 ° C.

No less important for the good development of seedlings watered, it is better to underfill than pour. On an overly moist soil, the plants get a black leg. For the prevention of viral diseases, seedlings are watered with a pink solution of potassium permanganate; after watering, the ground is sprinkled with wood ash or dry sand.

In the stage of two true leaves, seedlings are diving. Seedlings buried in the ground to seven-season, tightly squeezed and watered. Rooted plants put on the brightest place. If the seedlings are stunted, they are fed with urea and potassium sulfate - a matchbox is added to the bucket of water.

Enemy seedlings - dvuvostok to scare away these insects, the sides of the box sprinkled with a shag, dust the ground with black and red ground pepper.

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