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Many hostesses are trying to repeat the culinary masterpiece, but every time they get upset - the salad turns out to be dry, there is no that piquancy that creates an amazing aftertaste of the famous dish. A dressing of Greek salad, called in Greece, "horiatica", is prepared from products that are in every home. The main components of the dish are tomatoes, sweet peppers, onions, greens, cucumbers, feta cheese. Home-made Greek salad dressing prepares quickly, the main thing is to stick to the dosage indicated below.
dressing greek salad
Greek salad dressing recipe
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  • Cooking time:30 minutes

Lemon Juice Sauce

Thanks to the ingredients of the dressing, the salad is original and unusual.

· Mustard - 0.5 tablespoons;

· Fresh lemon juice - 2 teaspoons;

· Olive oil. - 4 tablespoons;

· Garlic - 1 tooth;

· Spice of oregano, black pepper, salt, basil leaves on your own.

Mix oil in a container, sweet mustard, freshly squeezed lemon juice, spices. Grind the clove through a press, and mix it with the rest of the ingredients before serving. This is how the dressing for Greek salad is made, the classic recipe also provides variations with other ingredients.

Sauce "Tsatsiki"

The taste of the dish according to this recipe is refreshing and savory.

· Mustard with a sweet taste - 2 teaspoons;

· Honey - one and a half tea pot;

· Lemon juice - half a table table;

· Balsam.xus - 3 tea-cots;

· 1 clove of garlic;

· Olives. oil - 1 stack;

· Goat cheese, salt, basil leaves.

Lemon juice, balsam. Vinegar, honey and butter mix, add chopped garlic, mustard, where sea salt. Beat the blender. Pour the mixture before serving, decorate with basil, pieces of cheese.

Worcestershire Sauce

Spice Oregano - 20 gr .;

Vinegar tables. - 1 table spoon;

Half a cup of olive oil;

Granulated sugar - 1 tsp;

"Worcestershire" - 30 gr .;

Garlic - 2 cloves;

Pepper, salt.

Chop garlic, mix all ingredients, leave for 2 days in a dark place. Stir the mixture thoroughly before pouring the ingredients.

Cheese Sauce

· 1 tooth of garlic;

· Mayonnaise - 1 lodges .;

· Quarter table tables wyn. vinegar;

· “Worcestershire” - 1 table;

· Fully lodged. oregano spices;

· 50 gr. feta;

· Third of a glass of vegetable oil (better than olive oil);

· Salt, pepper to taste.

Chop garlic, mix all components, leave for 1 day in a cold place. Water the dish before serving, top with greens and grated cheese. Bon Appetit!

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