Good night, kids: who puts on Pig and Stepashka

Designer Anastasia Zadorina told Woman’s Day how she invented and sewed new outfits for old heroes.

In the program "Good night, kids!" Just some kind of revolution. Now Nikolay Valuev is putting the kids to sleep, Sergei Shnurov is writing songs to them, and even the good old Khryusha with Stepashka will now follow the fashion and dress accordingly.

Woman’s Day was told by designer Anastasia Zadorina about how new costumes were created for friends.

“The program this season is released in a new studio, in a modern, dynamic format, and we have tried to match the clothes of the characters to it,” says Anastasia. “Our heroes will be trendy, trendy, bright — I hope small viewers will appreciate this and maybe even take an example from them.”

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“For each of the characters, we invented and sewed 6 sets of clothes, there are suits for every day, sports and even festive options for special occasions.Just like in life! - continues Nastya. - Each of the characters has their own character, and we tried to reflect this in clothes.

For example,Stepashka- the most calm and strict, his style can be described as smart casual,Piggyand tiger cubMoore- adherents of sports style in clothes,Philprefers shirts and cozy plaid sweaters, andMishutkathe preppy style, which is a bit similar to the school uniform, was the best fit.

In the wardrobe of my favorite heroineKarkushiwhich, it seems, even a little resembles me, there will be many dresses, sundresses, denim, striped, smart. She is a real fashionista!

I can say that Khryusha, Stepashka, Filia, Karkusha, the tiger Cub Moore, Mishutka are our most agreeable clients, it’s a pleasure to work with them (laughs). ”

Photo: personal archive
Photo: personal archive
Photo: personal archive
Photo: personal archive

It will be possible to see your favorite characters in new costumes already from September 1 on the Carousel channel. By the way, there will now be a new program in the morning - “Good morning, kids!”. In it, the designer Anastasia Zadorina will lead the “Workshop” heading and tell the kids how to paint T-shirts with their own hands and make appliques.

“Small viewers will be able to do all this easily at home with moms, dads, grandmothers, older brothers or sisters,” says Anastasia. - I will try to make my master classes interesting and inspire the kids for further creative exploits. My son Mark is still small, and while the program “Good night, kids!” Is on, he is already sleeping. It's great that soon the channel “Carousel” will appear “Good morning, kids!”, Which Mark will definitely watch. Probably, he will be very surprised and rejoice when he sees his mother on the screen. ”

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