What are the glasses

The greatest value of interpretation of the dream book about glasses is for those who do not wear such in life. Your subconscious sends a signal, listening to which you can avoid many troubles and minor troubles.

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What are the glasses

To wear glasses

Usually sleep indicates the need to look around and better look at the events. Subconsciously you are afraid to do it. But if you become more cautious, you can notice that you trusted the wrong person - hence the trouble.

Break points

To dream broken glasses or break them promises a long separation from loved ones and loved ones. During parting, you may be expected to test loyalty. Do not lose your head and remember those who are waiting for you at home - otherwise there will be trouble. Another interpretation is a small monetary loss, which can be avoided by being careful.

If you dreamed of glasses in a broken or cracked frame - the family will have problems.

Lose points

In the future, you will find disappointment in close people or in your life.You do not value what you have now, and do not benefit from the opportunities that have opened up. If you understand this and take advantage of the chance given by fate, you can avoid feelings of regret and disappointment.

Drop points

Wait for surprising and unexpected news or events that may shock you. Keep your composure - it will help you get out of this situation.

Search points

A dream foreshadows the search for solutions to the problems encountered, hectic, unfounded fears and distrust in real life. There may be confusion in affairs and relationships with others.

Sit down on glasses

You do not notice or refuse in vain the offered assistance.

Get points

If a friend gives or gives them to you in a dream, you will have to find someone who can give good advice and help you with the problems you have. Why dream of glasses received from the enemy - someone dismisses unpleasant rumors about you.

Buy glasses

You should be careful not to succumb to dubious flattery and undeserved honors.

Read through glasses

Your impression of a stranger with whom you will meet in the near future will be false. Acquaintance will allow you to look at it in its true light.You may also be subject to unfair charges.

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