Getting tomato juice

Getting tomato juiceTomato juice is obtained on screw or blade extractors, on filtering centrifuges HVSH-350 and FSH of vertical and horizontal types, as well as wiping on a RZ-KIZ machine .00.000—01 with a diameter of 3 mm sieves. 00.000 with a hole diameter of 0.4 mm sieves and a movable partition for separating the mass into two fractions.


The juice output is regulated so as to ensure its good consistency and fluidity with a mass fraction of at least 10-15% pulp. If the juice contains pulp in excess of 16%, then its consistency becomes too thick, not inherent in the drink, and the juice with a pulp content of up to 9% becomes watery. The juice yield on extractors with a sieve diameter of 0.5–0.7 mm is 55–65%, on filtering centrifuges - 70–80%. Moreover, in centrifuges, it is preferable to install sieves with slit-like openings with dimensions of 0.1 x 2.2 mm, which ensure a finely dispersed consistency of the Product, a well-pronounced taste, bright color and a mass fraction of pulp 12-14%.


In the case of wiping on a RZ-KIZ.00.000 machine, only the first fraction in the range of 55-65% is used for juice, and the second -31-30% is supplied to produce tomato puree and paste.


Homogenization and deaeration.In order to prevent stratification of the finished tomato juice and sediment formation, the juice is homogenized at a pressure of 8-10 MPa, and then deaerated at a residual vacuum of 0.015-0.035 MPa.


Deaeration contributes to the removal of air from the tissues and those released during processing, this reduces the foaming of the juice during packing and achieves the required net weight, reduces the loss of vitamin C, reduces the pressure in the bank during sterilization.


If tomato juice is produced with salt, then stirring freshly squeezed juice for 5-10 minutes is carried out before homogenization.

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