Get rid of stretch marks on your body at home

Stretch marks on the body (other than their name "stria") can appear on the skin, due to a variety of reasons. Most often they occur during adolescence, during hormonal changes in the body, or during pregnancy. But even an ill-conceived diet can seriously harm your skin. In this case, you most likely have a question: “How to get rid of skin stretch marks?”.

The appearance of stretch marks is an unpleasant phenomenon, because white stripes in the form of little scars deprive oneself of self-confidence, the ability to wear open things.

Fortunately, this problem is solved. However, be prepared for the fact that for a smooth, elastic skin you will have to fight. But, as you know, beauty requires sacrifice, so let's get started!

Simple recommendations:

1) Watch for nutrition.

About proper nutrition is said and written already very much, but still let us repeat ourselves.In order to keep your skin toned, it is necessary that seafood, vegetables, fruits, nuts, olive oil, and greens should be included in your daily diet in the right amount. It is also necessary to consume at least 2 liters of fluid per day to give the skin the necessary degree of moisture. Particular attention should be paid to this item for pregnant women who are responsible for the unborn baby and those who like to abuse mono-diets.

2) Procedures in the cabin.

We list the most famous and available methods:

  • mesotherapy - biologically active substances are injected under the skin (there is also an injection-free method by pressure), which break up large fatty molecules into smaller components, cleanse the body of toxins and excess cholesterol and increase blood microcirculation. The method is effective, but somewhat painful;
  • algae wrap course with medicinal herbs and essential oils;
  • laser exposure - the skin is polished and becomes smoother;
  • chemical peeling - usually used for rough, deep and old stretch marks, the skin looks fresh as a result, the result is maintained for a long time;
  • Ozone-oxygen therapy - speeds up the metabolism in the skin, the skin noticeably brightens and scars become less noticeable.
  • 3) Home remedies for getting rid of stretch marks.

Some women decide on the most drastic measures to get rid of stretch marks, namely, surgical skin grafts. We would not advise you on this in any way, for the harm to the body will be enormous, but no one can vouch for the result. Therefore, try to start here these methods available to everyone that will help you get rid of stretch marks at home:

  • take a contrast shower more often, it perfectly tones the skin by itself;
  • use home-made scrubs like: mix a glass of salt / ground coffee with a glass of sugar and add half a cup of any vegetable oil. Apply scrub to the area of ​​stretch marks, massage, rinse thoroughly;
  • Immediately after the cleansing procedure with a scrub, it is desirable to rub the cream containing collagen and elastin into the damaged skin, preferably with a high content of vitamins A, C, E.
  • If possible, massage the skin more often, using any oil of your choice: orange, bergamot, tangerine, almond oil, etc .;
  • massage can be carried out in conjunction with manual lymph drainage, it will help restore the balance of the skin and will favorably affect the activation of blood and lymph flow.
  • and the last: there is one absolutely miraculous home-made recipe for successful struggle with stretch marks: get a mummy in the pharmacy, preferably from Altai, dissolve 2 tablets mummies in a small amount of warm water and mix with any cream fatter, can be childish. The resulting composition daily before bedtime apply to the skin. It is not necessary to wash it off, the mummy has a good healing effect and allows you to regenerate the skin without resorting to surgery.

It is clear that the recovery process will not be fast, but repeat the above procedures daily, and after a while the result will be sure!

Patience and good luck in the fight for beauty!

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