Gas Pipes: Characteristics and Selection Rules

Gas Pipes: Characteristics and Selection RulesThe main task of any organization, in particular an enterprise producing gas pipes, is the production of high quality products. All manufactured products must comply with GOST 10704-76. If new technologies were used for production, a quality mark is put on the product.

The scope of gas pipeline products is quite wide. They are also used in the steam network with a temperature of up to 300 ° C, with a standard pressure of about 1.3 MPa. And during the installation of outdoor heating, the temperature of which is up to 150 ° C, and the operating pressure - up to 1.6 MPa. For this, longitudinal stainless steel pipes are used, from which a fine metal mesh is also made, with an outside diameter of 8-1620 mm., A wall thickness of 0.8-20 mm.

Gas pipes, depending on the manufacturing process, are galvanized, not galvanized, with or without thread.

Main characteristics:
1.The diameter of the conditional passage can be different and ranges from 15 to 80 mm.
2. Produce similar constructions longitudinal. Steel is used as the base material.
3. The measuring length of gas-conducting products, as a rule, varies within 5-9 m, and the diameter - 70-219 mm. The measuring tube can have a length of up to 12 m. There are samples of gas-conducting products, the length of which is not measured, the diameter is from 30 to 70 mm, the wall thickness is 3 mm. There are structures with a diameter of 150 mm and a wall thickness of 5 mm.
4. As for the length of longitudinal welded pipes, they may have inaccuracies. But the error should not be more than 10 mm. Small scale and dents are permissible. But they should be minor. If the pipe has large sunsets, pores, undercuts or cracks, it is considered a marriage. Such products are considered unsuitable. Because it can not withstand the pressure in the pipelines. During the transport of pipes used wire rod. Thanks to it, the pipes will be securely fastened together and will not be damaged.

It is important to be able to read the markings that are applied to a material such as a profile pipe. So you can choose a product that suits you in all respects and characteristics.And, therefore, electrowelded pipes, provided that they are properly installed, will serve you for a long time and properly. Take, for example, galvanized (non-galvanized) gas pipes. They can have a spiral seam. This product has the following designation: Pipe 630 x7-B StZkp GOST 8696-74; where 630 is the diameter of the outside, 7 is the thickness of the pipe wall, B is the manufacturing group, and StZkp is the marking of steel.

Before choosing a pipe, you need to carefully examine all the conditions of installation of the pipeline. The following parameters should be considered here:
1. Ambient temperature.
2. The temperature of the internal flow.
3. The length of the pipeline.
4. Metric area to be serviced.
5. Probability of formation of any damages as a result of the influence of the external environment.

You also need to calculate:
1. The length of the pipe.
2. The flow rate.
3. Pressure level.

And only after these calculations, it will be possible to determine exactly which pipe of exactly caliber is required for installation.

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