Fruit cleaning for fruit compote

Fruit cleaning for fruit compoteCleaning fruits for compote: peaches up to 40 mm in size in cross diameter canned whole, and larger ones in halves or pitted segments. Peel skin must be removed. There are the following methods for peeling peels:

mechanical - rarely used, because it gives a lot of waste;

heat - while the halves of the peaches are placed on the blancher in one row with bulges upward and steamed for 2-3 minutes. After this treatment, the skin is easily removed from the surface of the fruit. The process is time consuming, but the quality of cleaning is good;

chemical - widely used in factories. When alkaline is processed, protopectin, which connects the outer skin with the pulp of the fruit, goes into pectin, while removing peaches from the peach is easier, reducing the amount of waste to 8-12% compared to manual cleaning (20-25%). For processing, use 2-3% boiling, process time - from 40 to 90 seconds. After alkaline treatment, the fruit is thoroughly washed in cold running water in order to completely remove from them the remains of the skin and traces of alkali.If the alkali remains, then in the finished compote the fruits darken and become covered with mucus.


After alkaline peeling, peaches must be blanched to inactivate the enzymes. Steam blanching modes: from 30 s to 2 min, depending on the variety and degree of maturity of the fruit; when blanching in water with a temperature of 90 ° C, the processing time is about 5 minutes.


Seed fruits: apples, pears and quinces are preserved whole, if the fruits are small; large ones are cut into halves or quarters. Quince cut into slices with a thickness of 20-30 mm or pieces. In pome fruit, the calyx, stem, seed nest and coarse skin are removed. If the skin is thin, it is not removed. Apply mechanical and chemical methods of skin removal. For mechanical cleaning of apples and pears, they widely use the machine RZ-KPA, on which they clean the fruit from the stem and the cores and cut them into cups or slices and remove the seed chamber. In this machine, basically all operations are performed automatically.


Chemical cleaning of pome fruits is carried out with a hot (80–90 ° C) solution with a concentration of 6–10% in apple processing, 3–5% in pears, and 30–35% in quinces.The duration of the process is as follows: for apples-1-3 min, pears - 1 min, quince-1 -2 min.


Pome fruits, in addition to cleaning, are pre-heat treated, as noted in section I.


To improve the appearance and taste of compotes, as well as the reduction of soluble extractive substances, it is recommended that blanching fruits be replaced by evacuation.

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