For whom to play Skyrim?

Skyrim game is perfectly familiar to every gamer. After all, thousands of people around the world were waiting for her to leave. But, not always beginners can adequately choose who Skyrim will play for, since there are many races in this game and each of them has its own characteristics. Learn to start information about each of the races, after which you make the right decision and stop at the race that will allow you to move closer to your goal with quick steps. Each player has his own goal in the game, but they are all similar to each other in that the player must develop his character.


Choosing the Argonian race, you can become a thief or a hired killer in the future, as the starting bonuses for choosing this race suggest exactly this character's path. But despite this, the bonuses are given to the player are small, so they can not significantly affect the style of the game. Argonians have good resistance to diseases, and the bubbles to cure some of them can be prepared independently. Please note that if you want to become a vampire and choose the Argonian race, then you will have to in the game is not very simple for the same reason - the natural resistance of diseases.


If you want to become a magician, then choose the Breton race. If you are interested in the question of who is better to play in Skyrim, a Breton or an Argonian, then there will be no doubt in choosing, if only because the Bretons look much more attractive than the previous race. A distinctive feature of the Breton race is that they have passive resistance to magic. This feature is useful in the game, not only magicians, but also representatives of other classes. To make your character invulnerable to magical attacks, you must drink protective potions and activate Dragonskin.

Danmer or Dark Elves

This race is resilient to fire, so it’s advisable to choose a dunmer character if you want to follow a vampire path. But at the same time, there are small bonuses at the start, thanks to which you can choose the path of the battle mage. The Wrath of the Ancestors is a Dunmer ability that is not useful for players in the later stages of the game. If you still prefer to choose the path of the magician in the game, then the Bretons would be a better option than the Dunmer.

Altmer or High Elves

Altmer race implies the presence of such features that are ideal for the path of the magician.At the start, the player receives 50 bonus points, which may be useful to him at the later stages of the game, but, of course, will be indispensable at the initial level. For a minute, the Altmer can use such a racial feature as ignoring the manna recovery bubbles, but on the condition that they need to endure a rather serious battle. If during the game you want to change your character, that is, to build the path of not a magician, but, for example, a warrior, then the racial characteristics of the Altmer will help you to a lesser degree in the game Skyrim. For whom it is better to play - for Altmer or Breton, if you want to become a magician? Of course, for the Altmer.

The nords

The Nordic race is the indigenous representatives of Skyrim. Who can play the north? Absolutely any player, from the warrior to the magician. In general, it is assumed that it is necessary to develop a warrior from the north, since by its nature this race skillfully masters the martial art, it is not afraid of severe frosts. In addition, the Nords are beautiful in their external data. At the start, a small bonus is given, which implies building a warrior’s career, but he doesn’t play a big role, so it’s safe to build the path of a cunning thief or a formidable magician.

The orcs

The orcs do not have such an evil look in this game as in most other computer games. Therefore, for this race, players who want to develop a warrior can play quite well. Unfortunately, the orcs do not have such features and abilities as other races - the game developers, one might say, ignored this race. But this does not mean that players do not need to choose harsh orcs.

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