For which films could Leonardo DiCaprio receive the Oscar?

Is there an Oscar for Leo in nature? We are not the first year to ask this question. In late February, during the presentation of the next gold statuettes, Leonardo DiCaprio can get one of them for his role in the film "Survivor". Or maybe not. While we wait, guess and worry about our favorite actor (perhaps even more than himself), let's remember the roles for which Leo could once get an Oscar.

For which films could Leonardo DiCaprio receive the Oscar?

“What is eating Gilbert Grape?”

In the 1993 picture of Lasse Hallstrom, young Leo played a mentally retarded boy, Arnie, the brother of the protagonist, played by Johnny Depp. Uncontrollable, touching Arnie, who can die at any moment, infuriates, causes wild pity, a desire to hit and squeeze to his chest at the same time. Leo in this role - one solid nerve. And although DiCaprio in the tape is not the main role - the great Johnny Depp is in the foreground, however, the whole film is just doing what you expect when this jerky, annoying, dear Leo appears.

Director Lasse Hallstromu Leonardo seemed too cute for the role of a sick little boy. DiCaprio, who, for the sake of filming in Gilbert Grape, refused to participate in a more expensive project, he decided to change his appearance. He cut his hair under the pot and began to wear a mouthpiece, distorting the line of the mouth. The actor approached this role seriously in all respects. Spent, for example, a few days in a psychiatric clinic, watching the children with the diagnosis, which was his hero.

Leonardo DiCaprio could get an Oscar in 1994 for Best Supporting Actor, but the prize went to Tommy Lee Jones for his role in The Fugitive.


In Aviator, DiCaprio played the role of Howard Hughes, an ambitious, inspired rich man with obsessive-compulsive disorder, an amateur of women, planes and cinema. His passions turned into obsession, eccentricity was like madness, and goals were like dreams.

Aviator (2004) is not the only Martin Scorsese film for which DiCaprio would have been nominated for an Oscar. In “Island of the Damned”, for example, the great actor of the great Scorsese played even more expressively.

Leo could get an Oscar for best male role in 2005. But the statuette went to Jamie Fox for the role of Ray Charles in the film "Ray."

Blood Diamond

In the bloody adventure drama "Blood Diamond" (2006), Edward Zvika Leonardo DiCaprio became a cynical smuggler, a commercial search for and sale of diamonds during the civil war in Sierra Leone. As a result, this white-toothed mercenary, who seems ready to sell everything and everyone for good money, becomes a real hero.

DiCaprio could have won an Oscar for the best male role in 2007, but Forest Whitaker bypassed him with a role in the film The Last King of Scotland.

"The wolf of Wall Street"

Hero Leo is an energetic broker who quickly achieved success and became interested in the FBI. DiCaprio is perfectly accustomed to the role of unscrupulous financial genius, a man-firework, a great schemer, a cheerful libertine and a drug addict.

In 2014, the film was nominated for an Oscar in five nominations (“Best Film”, “Best Director”, “Best Adapted Screenplay”, “Best Male Supporting Role”, “Best Male Role”) and did not win in any of them.Instead, Leo received the award for the best male role by Matthew McConaughe, who amazed everyone with his role in the film “Dallas Buyers Club”.

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