Flu prevention: how not to get sick

One of the main and most effective methods of preventing influenza is vaccination. Vaccination significantly increases the body's resistance to the insidious virus. Immunity to influenza after vaccination is significantly strengthened, which is more likely to not get sick. Also, vaccination avoids complications that may occur after the flu. They are quite dangerous and can affect the work of the cardiovascular system, respiratory organs, kidneys, and liver.
The World Health Organization recommends vaccination against influenza between October and December and, in the first place, vaccinate children up to 15 years old, employees of places of mass stay of people, senior citizens over 50 years old, as well as people suffering from chronic diseases.
Side effects of flu vaccine are extremely rare, so the vaccine is considered one of the safest.
The second important aspect of prevention is personal hygiene. It is imperative to wash your hands regularly with soap and water. It is also recommended to rinse the nose with warm saline water or a special spray. Wash fruits, vegetables that you buy in stores, ventilate the room, both at home and at work or school. And, of course, you need to try not to contact people who are sick.
One of the means of prevention is a medical mask: it really helps, but it needs to be changed every three hours, otherwise bacteria and viruses accumulate on it, which only increases the risk of infection.
In order to prevent, you can use drugs that strengthen the immune system, as well as stimulate the immune system with vitamins. Vitamin C is particularly useful in this regard. Finally, it is worth noting that those who always lead a healthy lifestyle, eat properly, sleep well, lead an active lifestyle, play sports are much less ill.

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