Flan with orange

You will need
  • You will need: oranges - 4 pieces, powdered sugar, white wine - 2 tbsp. l, sugar, eggs - 3 pieces, a pinch of cinnamon, milk - 0.5 l, rum - 3 tbsp. l salt to taste.
We take 1 orange, rinse with hot water, clean and rub the grated zest. The remaining 3 oranges are peeled and cut into circles and also rubbed zest.
Caramelized icing sugar. We add into it circles of oranges, wine, vanilla sugar and a pinch of ground cinnamon. Cook it all for 5 minutes.
This time we take 3 eggs and beat until foam appears. Add sugar and grated zest of orange to them. Stir and enter half a liter of milk and 3 tbsp. l Roma. Now add a pinch of salt.
Lubricate the molds with grease and pour the prepared mixture over them. Put the molds in a container with hot water, immersing them in the water until the middle. The water temperature should be about 80 degrees, and not boil.
Then put the container in the oven for 1 hour at a temperature of 160 degrees. As you will see that the mass has thickened, put the molds on the plates.

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