Fish and Chips: Recipe

Ingredients for 4 persons:

- any white fish (for example, cod) - 700-800 g;

- 120 grams of wheat flour;

- 100 g of corn starch;

- 250 ml of light beer;

- salt and pepper to taste;

- fresh parsley - a couple of twigs;

- 4 large potatoes;

- sunflower oil for frying.

"Fish & Chips": cooking process

First you need to cook a batter. To do this, mix flour and cornstarch in a large bowl, gradually pour in the beer, stirring the batter. Grind the parsley and add to the batter.

fish chips

Cut fish and potatoes in long but not very thick bars so that they can fry, but they do not burn in oil.

fish stick recipe

Heat a large amount of butter in a pan. Salt and pepper the fish, dip each piece in batter and fry to a beautiful golden color.

fish in batter photo

fish battered recipe with photos

fish in batter step by step

Heat oil for french fries in another pan. Fry the potatoes until golden brown.

home fries

Serve the fish in batter with crispy fries to be hot. This sauce is suitable for any sauce that you like, for example, a mixture of mayonnaise, mustard and natural yogurt with the addition of herbs.

how to cook french fries

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