Filter for decorative pond

The smallest pond in the garden is a decoration and a highlight. He necessarily attracts attention to himself, sets him up for calm contemplation and pacification. However, the smaller the reservoir, the sooner it becomes clogged, turn green and turn into a swamp. The filter helps to keep a decent look. It can be done without serious labor costs and financial losses. The principle of the filter is airlift. Simple and effective. The air bubble, rising to the surface, bears on itself a little water, i.e. water, as in an elevator, travels to the surface. Hence the name. The scheme of work is extremely simple: the filter element is foam rubber, the air from the aquarium compressor is fed through a tube into a tube of larger diameter and together with the purified water comes to the surface. 1. For the filter element I took: - foam rubber strip 5 cm thick, 15 cm wide; - nylon thread; - a straw from the juice; - wooden skewers; - and a piece cardboard 15x7.5 cm.
 Filter for decorative pond
2.Foam marks and cut into pieces of 15 cm.
 For the filter element I took
3. To make the inner hole in the middle make a cardboard template.
 cut into chunks
4. The metal tube cut the bottom - a very convenient tool for cutting round holes in soft material.
 cardboard template
5. The template allows you not to spend time on the markup, and the former tube to make perfect holes.
 turned out tool
6. This is how the blank for the filter looks like.
 make perfect holes
7. They need to be done so that the height of the filter would be a little less than the depth of the pond.
 blank for the filter
8. We do not need to “make a hole” for the last one - we will skip the straw from the juice through it. It will be an air duct.
filter height
9.This is how it looks with a built-in air duct.
10. Block blanks sew in the corners. The ends of the threads are tied to the skewers.
looks with a built-in duct
11. The lower skewers do not need to be cut. Put stones on them, whatever the filter pops up.
 whatever the filter pops up
12. I closed the opening of the upper block with foam rubber cut from it, through which I passed a length of hose with a diameter of 10 mm. Purified water will flow through it into the pond. The thinner the hose, the higher the fountain will be.
 closed with foam rubber cut out of it
13. This is what the whole construction looks like when assembled.
 the whole structure in assembled form
14. This aquarium compressor allows you to pump 150 liters of water per hour through the filter.
 the whole structure is assembled
15.We connect the tube from the compressor to the filter duct.
 aquarium compressor
16. The filter itself is fixed at the bottom of the pond.
 connect to the filter duct
17. You can decorate the filter in many ways. For the first time I covered it with a lily from an oilcloth.
 filter is fixed at the bottom of the pond
18. Such a simple design allows you to maintain perfect water clarity throughout the summer season. Cleaning the filter during this time is not required. At me such assistant is established in a pond in volume of 2,5 m. , but I think that there will be enough power for a larger volume.
 Filter for decorative pond

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