Female hairstyles of the 30s

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The 30s of the 20th century are an epoch of gangsters and refined ladies. This time is shrouded in romantic charm. Images are expressive, sophisticated and complex. In the style of this era there is no place for modesty. It is for this reason that many women today love this style.

Great Depression of the 30s

Several serious events happened in the 1930s: the Great Depression in the United States after the fall of Wall Street, and the rise to power of Hitler in Germany. For this reason, after the relaxed image of the 20s come strict and elegant ladies who had to survive in difficult times.

Hollywood and the beginning of the Great Depression dictated their own style, which became the basis for the images of this decade. In the fashion appeared unique and natural. The most prominent representatives of this style include Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Mae West, Joan Crawford.

Female hairstyles of the 30s

In addition, the era of the 30s is known for the history of the stratification of the population, a dry law. Against the background of all these events, the weaker sex looked great because of interesting additions: long mouthpieces, tight-fitting outfits, diamonds, boas, unique hairstyles.

Hairstyles of the style of the 30s are most recognizable due to the peculiarities of curls. To create them will require some skill.

This style is still interesting to modern women of fashion because of the mystery and sophistication. Hairstyles 30s unique.

Features hairstyles 30s

Hairstyles 30s have their own characteristics. They are most recognizable due to compliance with some parameters. For the formation of hairstyles in the American style will need to follow the exact rules:

medium length hair. In the 1930s, women in the USA easily said goodbye to their long hair, but did not lose their femininity. At that time, curls up to the center of the chin or to the shoulders were popular;
regardless of the length of the curls, hairstyle should be done so that the neck remains open. The goal was to show the refinement of the neck;
if the hair is up to the shoulders and more, then you need to collect it and hide the length;
The most popular styling is waves. They are required clear, using the effect of wet hair;
another type of styling - curls. Parting should be oblique;
Most often, the styling was made fluffy, except for hairstyles that require smoothness;
color of hair without halftones - blue, bright red or very light blond;
the presence of additional decorations: flowers, feathers, headbands, veils.

Who is suitable haircut 30s

If you are interested in who will suit the hairstyles of the 30s, then it is important to note that the styling data to face almost all the representatives of the weaker sex. But the image looks more appropriate on pale-faced ladies with a slender neck.

This style requires perfect skin, because to achieve the fullness of the image is important bright makeup - scarlet lips and black arrows. Given these nuances, the style of the 30s is rarely found in everyday life. He is popular for trips to the restaurant and at costumed parties.

Female hairstyles of the 30s

It differs in brightness, fate, some tragedy. Because of this, more suitable for free and courageous ladies.

Hairstyles 30s

So, consider the basic options for hairstyles style 30s. It is worth starting with the hairstyle feature. Please note that for the formation of such a stitching the length of the curls is important, therefore such hairstyles approach:

page. Quite short haircut, which is characterized by a thick bang with a straight or oval line. The length is below the chin or to the center of the ears.There is one condition - the length of hair everywhere is required the same;
kare. This is a hairstyle, different in the straight lines. In the traditional version of the length of the back and front. Reaches the shoulders or the center of the ears;
elongated bean This hairstyle resembles a bob. In the classical version is created with a "cap" and a clear line of hair behind. The length is to the center of the neck.

Bold styling of the 30's will suit liberated women. For completeness, you should observe the features of makeup and use the appropriate accessories.

Now consider styling options for repeating the style of the 30s. They can be divided into 3 main types:

Traditional styling.

For owners of hair curly from nature, the creation of hairstyles from the 30s is not a concern. It is required to wash out hair, to grease with gel. Now just add the appropriate accessory, and the styling is complete.

If your curls are perfectly smooth, it will take an effort. Before winding the strands on the curler, wash them thoroughly, apply fixing agent for the entire length and dry. Carefully lay curls in waves, securing with hairpins.

Owners of long hair will not have to cut curls.They curl and beautifully laid in front. The hair left behind is collected in the form of "bumps". If the hair is short, then curl the ends out and fasten with a bandage.

Voluminous curls.

To create this styling, you will need to complete the following steps:

wash hair and dry a little;
form a chamfered parting;
create narrow curls using curlers, but do not curl the upper part of the hair;
after drying the strands, carefully remove the curlers without breaking the curls;
sprinkle all hair with varnish;
comb the top and bangs;
lay curls and tie a ribbon.

Female hairstyles of the 30s

Cold wave

To create such a hairstyle you will need to make an effort, but not to use curlers or curling. Need gel maximum fixation. For the installation will require an arbitrary number of waves. To start the hair, rinse and dry. Then smear them with gel and make curls by using a comb and clips. Waves should go symmetrically or at an angle to the parting.

For hairstyles 30s will require patience and some skills. For this reason, if the style is required for the holiday, then entrust the reincarnation of the stylist. If the opportunity for the experiment is present, then try to create the styling yourself.

Add-ons for the image

To complement the image of the 30s, you will need accessories: headbands, hairpins with flowers or feathers, small hats with veils. It is worth remembering that one style can not be achieved by styling, you need correct make-up.

It is important to achieve a smooth shade and thoroughly powder the skin. Make your eyebrows thin and draw with a dark pencil, your eyes fail with black arrows, and your lips color scarlet lipstick. Additional accessories will require a boa, mouthpiece, long beads and a boa.

Creating a hairstyle of the 30s with their own hands

To create a hairstyle of the 30s with their own hands will require knowledge of some secrets. Consider different options. The first of them using thermal devices:

The first action.

Rinse the curls and dry them. If you have strands wavy from nature, then you need to straighten them with ironing. Now grease the locks with a retainer and comb. Start the process of creating waves using a flat iron. Grab the strand closer to the roots and turn the iron inward to create C-shaped waves. Now do the same, but in the opposite direction. This will help make the curl in the shape of S.Do the manipulations along the entire length of the strands.

The second action.

After creating the first curl from the top, transfer it to the other side, grabbing a curl of the same size from below, and continue forming bends. Waves are required to be done in the same sequence as on the first lock.

After finishing the work with the first section from top to bottom, gently comb it, then take a second curl and repeat the procedure.

Female hairstyles of the 30s

The third action.

When you form waves on all the strands, comb them, form waves with clamps from two sides of the face. Hairpins need to be fastened where the waves change direction, sprinkle them with varnish. It is important that it was not too much, the curls should look natural. Now make similar waves behind. There is no need to observe excessive smoothness.

The fourth act.

When you pull all the strands, you need to remove the clamps and sprinkle the curls with varnish. Now you need to arrange styling. From the twisted long strands should come out a bob with curls in the style of the 30s. Divide the hair into 2 parts. From each of them separate the curl that will form the waves around the face, lay it, securing invisible hairpins.For the second side, repeat the manipulation.

Now consider the nuances of creating a cold styling without the use of thermal devices. The main reason why the cold styling option is relevant for so many years is harmless to hair. Of course, this is relative, because the use of styling products is not canceled, because there is still some harm, but much less than with the use of a thermal device. For this reason, this styling is used even on thinned, weak locks.

The disadvantage of this method is low resistance. It is possible to influence it by choosing the means of maximum fixation. But this will eliminate the visual liveliness of the hairstyle.

The process of creating cold waves is available in two versions: using ironing and without the use of thermal devices.

Previously, for elasticity, curls were treated with a decoction of flax, it was in the role of a weak styling agent. Today, foamy was invented for this, if it is necessary to create natural waves, and gels - when creating a stage image.

Hair styling will be suitable for the length of the shoulders or less, if the curls are longer, then difficulties arise with them, and styling will take a lot of time.In addition, the classic image of the 30s is based on a short length. Also remember that cold styling is not done on an equal haircut.

Female hairstyles of the 30s

The classic method of doing cold self-styling will require the use of duck clamps without teeth, a comb with private teeth, and knitting needles. In addition, styling and moisturizing spray are important:

wash your hair or wet it. Unravel the curls carefully. Now divide by 2 half vertical parting. More suitable side;
Treat most of the hair with a fixative. It is important that it is not quickly set, so that the strand remains not rigid. Spray on it with a spray to wet, if you want to soften;
carefully comb the curl, pulling it back. This will lift the strand. Now attach it near the base with a flat clamp. Place your index finger 3 centimeters from the part with a small incline. Set the comb in front of him, pulling to the forehead and pulling the curl to the face. When removing the comb, it is necessary to slightly raise the curl, creating a high crowns;
securing the crowns between two fingers, insert hairpins near him, moving your fingers a couple of centimeters from them.Place the comb in front of the barrette, moving the strand back. Again with smooth movements form the crowns, denoting with the help of pins;
constantly change the direction of the curl back and forth until the end, and turn the edge to the face or inward, securing it with a means. Properly dry the curl with a hairdryer at a minimum temperature or let it dry by yourself;
Only after the drying of the strand is complete, the clamp is removed from it and sprinkled with varnish. The direction of the jet position in 40 centimeters. Along with this, smooth out loose hair with a comb.

The important point is that the crowns and clips must be parallel to one another. Their length is selected by half the width of the curl. In addition, note that the traditional laying has a minimum of 5 waves on the larger side and 3 waves with a smaller one.

Expert Tips

To create a Hollywood wave the traditional way requires dexterity and skills, this technique is not easy. Because of this, it is sometimes necessary to use tricks. There are several expert tips for the cold styling method. It combines the technology of "fingers" and the use of electrical devices.Here the tongs act as a "contour", which will facilitate the work:

As in the previous method, moisten and dry the strands by dividing the hair in part. Get started with the bigger side;
lubricate fixing agent, divide into 4 parts. Each needs to be curled with a curling iron: apply curling to the head, position the base at the very base of the hair. Curl wind up to the very end, starting from the top. The end of the curling is directed away from the face;

Female hairstyles of the 30s

after curling a curl, grab the barrette to cool. With this technology curl all strands of the larger side. Clamps to remove after cooling. Gently comb your hair to create one wave;
Now put your finger in 4 cm from the parting, draw a curl to the face with a comb. This is easier because the curling iron already sets the direction. Use your middle finger to form a crown. Before him, pull the hair back to the back of the head, fixing the crowns on the sides with hairpins.

Further actions are carried out according to the usual technology, so we will not repeat it. This is the same hairstyle made by the cold method, but with the planned steps for the formation of crowns.

To increase the duration of the hairstyle (more than 3 hours), it needs to be fixed with invisibility.This is done inside so that the fasteners are not visible. They need to make a wave in the place where it goes on the face, and where it goes from him, but not in the crown. With stitches, grab a part of the curl that fits to the head. An invisible hairpin in length is required shorter than the width of the wave.

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