Features of injection blepharoplasty

To find a woman who will be completely satisfied with her appearance is not an easy thing, especially if her age has long spread over 30. Every second wants to correct something and change, so to speak, correct the shortcomings that she got from the fault of nature, However, far from everyone decides to resort to the existing methods of solving aesthetic problems.

It is no secret that now we are talking about plastic surgery, which can work wonders in the capable hands of a master surgeon. Blepharoplasty is one of the varieties of such operations, as a result of which it is possible to correct the shape of the upper and lower eyelids, to save the patient from excessive skin in this area, thereby having a significant rejuvenating and aesthetic effect.

But not every woman, even with the most serious deformations in the orbital zone, agree to the operation - after all, intervention, even by the most experienced surgeon, is always a risk.For the time being, blepharoplasty remained the only real method that eliminated problems in the orbital zone.

But not so long ago, modern cosmetology made a real breakthrough in this area and proposed a more benign method for eliminating defects in the eye area, injection blepharoplasty. The effect is achieved due to special injections (shots) in the area of ​​the eyelids overhang, as a result of which an active substance is injected under the skin, stimulating lipolysis processes.

Indications for injection blepharoplasty

Who may need such a procedure? Unfortunately, over the years, we accumulate not only valuable life experience, but also wrinkles, which are especially pronounced in the area of ​​the eyelids, where the skin is soft, thin and extremely sensitive.

Over time, the eyelid skin sags, the look becomes inexpressive and dull, and under the eyes are placed for life heavy bags, which, over time, do not hide any makeup. The reasons that contribute to such changes are mass, but there are not so many methods of struggle. The main indications for such a procedure are “heavy eyelids”, the presence of upper or lower eyelid hernias, dark circles and bags under the eyes, as well as fine wrinkles.

How do the procedure?

Unlike traditional blepharoplasty, where the procedure consists in surgical intervention (upper or lower eyelid is cut and skin or fat surpluses are removed), the non-invasive analogue is carried out by injection.

To achieve the desired effect, special anti-aging cocktails are used, which include herbal analogues of female sex hormones, vitamins, amino acids and other substances necessary to speed up the metabolism and tighten the skin. In order to consolidate the effect obtained and achieve noticeable results, several repeated procedures are usually carried out: from 4 to 8 pieces every week.

Before the correction, the patient undergoes mandatory examination with a specialist to identify possible contraindications. Unlike traditional blepharoplasty, there is practically no injection of them, with the exception of the presence of hyaluronic acid fillers in the nasolacrimal sulcus. If there are no contraindications, then preparation directly to the procedure begins.

To do this, application anesthesia is applied to the periorbital area of ​​the patient, which should reduce the pain effect.It must be said that for many patients such injections are perceived rather painfully.

Next, the area is marked out, injections are carried out and, at the last stage, after-treatment is performed. For this, a regenerating cream is applied, which accelerates the healing process, and also helps to remove swelling.

Should I be afraid of the procedure?

Like any non-surgical techniques, injection blefaroplastika has its advantages and disadvantages. Of course, the main advantage of such a method is the absence of the need to “go under the knife”, worry about postoperative risks and possible complications, as well as go through a rather long period of rehabilitation.

In addition, injection analogs have a lower price, in contrast to operating methods. True, the result is maintained for no more than 4 years, after which it becomes necessary to correct and re-rate injections, which, as a result, can result in a fairly round sum.

In addition, injections are not always effective enough; rather, they are more suitable for people with minor "flaws", but with the help of traditional methods, you can achieve the best result.

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