Features of growing a flower Brugmansia

If there is a lot of space on your garden plot, and you want to decorate and refine it, use luxurious Brugmancia. It is easy to care for such a plant if you know and follow certain rules.

Plant description

Brugmansia is a plant originally from Argentina, belonging to the Solanaceae family and growing in a subtropical or tropical climate in the wild. It has the shape of a bush with a strong tree trunk, spreading crown and numerous green leaves. The flowers are shaped like bells or gramophones, they usually come down and hang effectively from the branches, which gives Brugmansia a unique look.

Grow brugmansiyu can be in the open ground, and at home as a potted decorative plant. And sometimes these two methods are combined, since such a shrub cannot reach 2-3 meters in height and simply does not fit in an apartment, but it does not tolerate frosts, which makes it necessary to move to winter in favorable conditions.

It is important to know: the plant belongs to the category of poisonous, so it is undesirable to grow it in the children's room and bedroom, and also in the kitchen. And do not allow contact with the juice, which contains hallucinogenic substances.

How to grow?

Cultivation of the plant is best done in a seedling way, so that the shoots have time to grow stronger and blossom in the summer. First, select the most whole and large seeds and immerse them in a growth stimulator for two days to speed up the process. Prepare enough fat and nutritious soil, preferably loamy. Pour it into a container, moisten it gently, place the seeds to a depth of about 1 cm and sprinkle the soil from the spray gun.

Then cover the container with glass or transparent polyethylene and send it to a well-lit place. Brugmansia will show the first shoots after three weeks, the film can be removed. Next, the flower is regularly sprayed so that the soil is constantly wet. Transplantation into a separate pot is carried out if there are at least five well-developed leaves on the shoot.

If you decide to grow brugmansiyu on the site, then move it to the garden in the summer, when at night the temperature does not drop below 13-15 degrees.The place should be well lit, as the lack of sunlight will negatively affect growth and bloom. In addition, you should not plant the plant on elevations and in open areas: it does not tolerate strong winds and drafts.

Good to know: Brugmansia, grown from seeds, will begin to bloom only after a year or two.

The necessary conditions

Caring for Brugmancia involves maintaining several conditions:

  1. Temperature mode. Since the plant is tropical and prefers a warm climate, the temperature should be maintained within 20-30 degrees. In winter, it may decrease, but the figures below 10-15 degrees can destroy the shrub. Therefore, if you grow Brugmans in the open field, then for the winter period you will have to move it to your home or winter garden.
  2. Watering should be abundant and regular. In summer, the flower should be watered every day, as it absorbs a lot of moisture needed to feed the leaves and other parts. In winter, the frequency can be reduced, but even during this period the earthen room should not dry out: try to keep it constantly wet.
  3. Lighting should be sufficient.Home brugmansiya in cloudy weather and in winter needs additional illumination, for organization of which you can use fluorescent lamps.
  4. Top dressing is mandatory, the plant responds very well to them, and when there is a shortage of nutrients it slows down growth and reduces the number of buds. As a fertilizer, suitable mineral fertilizers in liquid form, which are applied to the soil at least twice a month. And when Brugmancia begins to actively develop and blossom (this period lasts from May approximately to September), use phosphorus-potassium mixtures to stimulate vegetation and budding.
  5. Transplantation as the shrub grows must be carried out by the method of transshipment, that is, together with an earthy clod. This method avoids damage and infection of the root system.
  6. If you want to create an attractive bush, then you need to do trimming. The optimal period for them is March, when Brugmansia enters a state of rest. First, all sick, weak and dried shoots are removed. Healthy shoots can be cut by about a third, not more. Moreover, you can remove not only direct shoots, but also branched.To ensure good flowering, it is imperative to leave the lateral horizontally growing branches: they are tied with buds.

Tip: if you grow a shrub at home, then in the summer it can be moved to the open ground. And do not necessarily dig it into the soil, just put the pot in a suitable place. And if you planted Brugmancia in the garden, then in the fall, carefully dig it out and place it in a container of sufficient size.

Plant propagation

Brugmansii can be propagated in three different ways: by seed, by grafting, and by layering. The first was described above, so we will immediately move on to the second. It is necessary to find a good, strong and preferably having a branching branch, carefully cut it off with a sharp knife, then treat with a growth stimulator and put into a container with water. Roots will appear about a half to two weeks, and during this period, you can move the shoot into the ground.

For multiplication by layers in the top of the crown, select healthy and strong last year's shoots. They make Y-shaped cuts of about a quarter of the entire thickness, which are sprinkled with a growth stimulator.Next, the area of ​​the incision is surrounded by wet moss and placed in the package. Constantly moisten the moss with a syringe. After a month, the roots should appear, and then all the leaves and flowers of the cuttings are cut, and the shoot itself moves into the ground.


Home-grown Brugmans is practically not ill. But in the garden it can attack pests, for example, spider mites, slugs and other insects. When there is a trace of their presence, it is necessary to treat the shrub with an insecticidal agent. With a lack of moisture, the plant can begin to lose leaves and buds. And if you abuse nitrogenous fertilizers, then foliage will begin to develop actively to the detriment of flowering.

Let the luxurious brugmansiya become an ornament of the garden or the room and pleases with flowers and pleasant aroma.

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