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Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers in their deep childhood could not even imagine what would happen in their distant future, which has become real for us today. Unless they could imagine that we will live among various lotions and gadgets, mobile phones, wireless Internet, as well as many other things that today seem to us an absolute everyday life?

Could not, among the youth there existed their own concepts of the future and what can be seen in it, today such pictures from the past seem ridiculous and a bit naive. The modern youth of the 21st century sees its future in its own way, what will happen in 50-100 years?

Unearthly lady

We do not know, but many modern designers of clothing and interior, artists, filmmakers believe that the most interesting things are still ahead, and they boldly fantasize about this topic.

The futuristic style originated at the beginning of the last century, its rapid development was associated with the active promotion of scientific and technological progress.People dreamed about the future, presented their paintings and the proposed options for development, which resulted in cinematographic paintings and cartoons, poems, paintings, and, over time, migrated to the design of interiors and clothing.

The legislator of the movement is the Italian poet Filippo Marinetti, who is the author of the Manifesto of Futurism.

The main principles of the futuristic style are the ability to transfer energy, speed, movement and instincts.

All this is embodied with the help of non-standard solutions, smooth or broken lines, monotonous colors, as well as the latest technical advances.

Futuristic interior style

This style of design migrated to the interior around the middle of the last century, if you look at photographs and pictures with images of a futuristic interior, you might think that these are some scenery for the film about the distant future.


According to its content, futurism in the decor and interior is ahead of time, you will not find anything newer and more modern than the futuristic style. Apartments and houses that are designed with the help of this direction are literally stuffed with various ultramodern and moderntechnology, all the interesting new items that appear at exhibitions, instantly transferred to the futuristic interior.

Not everyone will like it

All furniture, décor and technology is focused on a person’s vision of the future, everywhere there is a certain cosmic effect: appliances with touch panels and mysterious neon lights, monochrome furniture panels and minimalism.

In general, futurism does not recognize a variety of patterns and patterns, all furniture and appliances are placed in empty spaces, breaking traditional notions of comfort and standard planning.

An apartment decorated in this style is usually equipped with a “smart home” system, which means that the light and air conditioning of the rooms is turned on according to your cotton, the coffee itself is brewed by a certain time. A bowl for a beloved cat at certain hours is pushed and filled with food, and a huge plasma 3D TV turns on as soon as you sit comfortably on the sofa, the light is scattered and creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Sharp lines

Can't believe what happens? It happens, and this is not all that a house can and can do with the use of the “smart home” system in a futuristic style.Needless to say, all the rooms in such a room have one common feature: they resemble small space stations or secret laboratories of the future, which invariably affects the individuality of this design.

You may think that perhaps it’s not so cozy to live in such a house, but it’s not so, oddly enough, it can be very comfortable in such an interior, and it’s a pleasure to live in it.


Of course, it should be noted that to create an apartment in a futuristic style, which is located in an ordinary house, is difficult enough, because the decor features are expressed in everything - from furniture and equipment, to walls, doorways and windows.

Rounded shapes or, on the contrary, the pursuit of asymmetry in the design, unusual wall panels and floor coverings, lighting in niches, walls, window openings and even in the floor!

The main colors that can prevail in this design are metallic, black, white, gray, neon variants, but other colors can be used, there is no strict ban here, because no one knows what will look like in the future.

Main form

For the design of premises, the most new and practical materials are used - impenetrable or tempered glass, heavy-duty plastic, corian and other latest developments of scientists. Needless to say, such materials are incredibly durable and durable, and this adds another plus to such an unusual and mysterious style.

I would also like to note that the futuristic style in the interior is ideal for those who dream of a chic and modern dwelling, the use of such design is considered incredibly prestigious, because all its features always win over other existing styles.

Author's furniture design, white walls and huge windows, non-standard forms and the latest technical developments make it a style of the future that will not go out of fashion, probably never.

Futuristic clothing style

As we have said, futurism is a fashion for everything new, modern and cosmic, a style imbued with a hint of mystery, mystery and chic, could he have avoided fashionable clothes?

Images will be strange

Most modern designers are literally hooked on creating things of the future; a huge number of collections of famous fashion houses have been released, in which the futuristic style has become the main theme.

Clothing in a futuristic style is easy to distinguish from any other, because it is literally saturated with “alien” motifs, innovative materials and non-standard lines.

This is Cosmos

Of course, futurism is becoming more and more fashionable, many foreign stars try on it with pleasure, because with its help it is very easy to stand out from the crowd.

As in the interior, in clothes, most often, monochrome colors are used: metallic, gold plating, white, black, gray, blue, various neon accents are possible. If you like this style, it’s easy to create a futuristic image, it’s enough to choose the right clothes, make a cosmic hairstyle, the more standard the better, and also not forget about the mysterious “alien” makeup.


For makeup, they usually use shimmering powder and shadows with a holographic effect. The clothes are pursued all the same classic models of fitted women's dresses and trouser suits, high heels and non-standard wedges, as well as massive jewelry with a metallic sheen.

Not everyone will wear this

It can be bracelets and spiked belts, rings with huge stones, glasses of irregular shapes, space bags and massive chains.

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