Fashionable dress in flower (13 photos)

The dress with floral print has become famous all over the world for a long time. Every girl who aspires to look feminine and fashionable should definitely have it. If you have never worn a dress, correct the situation immediately and turn into a tender princess with a flowered dress.

Remember your grandmother, for sure you saw floral print outfits in her wardrobe. The fact is that dresses with flowers have been popular for more than a decade. They became particularly popular with women in the 1940s. The first to "love" the French, and they always knew how to understand the fashion.

In those days, these dresses were a manifestation of this rebellion. After all, rigor, dullness and monotony reigned everywhere. Since then, women in dresses with flowers began to appear on the streets of various European cities.

Especially popular such outfits began to be used in hippies. After all, flowers are part of nature. With the advent of the twenty-first century, floral outfits do not go out of fashion.Every year designers use them in their collections. Changing styles, fabrics, one thing remains - floral patterns.

How and what to wear

These dresses can be worn absolutely all girls. With the help of colors you can even adjust the shape.

If you have extra kilos, choose a dress with flowers of medium size. Stroynyashki lucky - flower placer can be anything.

In principle, it does not matter what kind of flowers adorn your dress: chamomile, tulips or sunflowers. They can be multi-colored or solid. Choose a color in which you will feel like a queen, well, or a fairy.

You can wear this option anywhere. It is excellent for a romantic date, in this case, give preference, along with a light fabric and a bit loose, flared to the bottom cut. For a corporate party or party, choose a fitted cocktail dress with a flower, and believe me, all the views of men will be directed in your direction.

All the shoes come up to him, this is another of his charm. Comfortable ballet flats and sandals, sandals and high-heeled shoes - choose what you like.Remember that a woman should be gentle and fashionable, and such a dress will make you a dream! So feel free to go to the store for shopping :).

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