Fashionable and unusual ripped jeans 2013

In the coming 2013, torn jeans will be especially fashionable. Despite the fact that many people consider these clothes not to be the most feminine, girls do not stop wearing them. If you want to add variety to your wardrobe, then do not hesitate to buy torn jeans for yourself.

Ripped jeans have long been popular. Modern relaxed style does not accept limitations and frames. Clothes should be comfortable, but at the same time interesting, bright and sexy. Ripped jeans are just like that.

These jeans allow you to show your individuality. Holes, cuts - this is an opportunity to surprise the world and show a good figure.

Why are they so popular?

The answer is simple - this style of jeans is radically different from the strict business suits. Business attire obliges to observe the rules of etiquette, is a symbol of rigor and correctness. And modern youth does not want to be conservatives. That is why they prefer to wear jeans instead of business trousers.

Cutting old jeans began about sixty years ago.At first they started to do it in France, and then in the USA. Popular in those days, the hippie movement added jeans greater fame. After all, they more than anyone loved to protest against generally accepted rules and regulations.

There is a misconception that ripped jeans are worn only by poor people or those who do not think too much about their appearance. In fact, it is not. In 2013, ripped jeans will be even more popular, and all because world-famous designers use them in their collections.

What are the?

In the coming 2013, different styles of torn jeans will be relevant. If you want to be aware of the latest fashion trends, then pay attention to the ragged jeans.

Naturally, the more holes have jeans, the more challenging and brutal they look. This style will be especially popular in 2013. Fashionable jeans do not have to be blue, designers urge to experiment and wear green, black and even red jeans.

In this case, the fabric should have a lot of scuffs and scratches. And, of course, at least 50% of the surface of the jeans should have holes and tears.To look stylish in such jeans, you should carefully pick up all the other details of the wardrobe. For example, it is better to abandon the wide belt and large accessories.

Brave girls will be able to wear ripped jeans - unisex. These jeans have a peculiar cut: they are tapered to the ankle (tightly fit the leg below the knees), and in the hip area are quite wide (they do not emphasize the ass at all). Holes are cut mainly in the lap.

Especially fashionable will be jeans with a variety of cuts. They can be vertical, horizontal, and even diagonal.

What to wear?

Deciding to wear such clothes, think well. They must fit the place. If you come to the office to work in such a dress, you will look at least strange. Also, do not wear torn jeans at the first meeting with the parents of the guy or in the theater.

But in a nightclub, these clothes can be safely worn. In such institutions, it will look appropriate. As well as on a walk in the park, at the stadium or meeting with friends.

Long plain T-shirts and T-shirts are ideal for jeans of this style. In your outfit too bright bottom, so the top should be modest.

Not bad with torn jeans combined jackets classic cut. Shoes can also be extravagant. You can not wear wide ripped jeans with high-heeled shoes, but you can be skinny.

There are quite frank styles of jeans. They have a lot of cuts on the buttocks. You can wear them only if you are confident and have an elastic ass.

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