Fashion Walls

To change life for the better, you need to start with the interior. When and who said that four room walls are very boring? In this article, we reveal the theme of this year's fashion wallpaper.

In order to make your own interior particularly fashionable, there are some special trends recommended by manufacturers today. Designers offer to seek out their own style, not only in the wardrobe, but also in the interior. There are the most current modern trends.

On the crest of popularity today - a large figure. The repair uses widely new coatings and modern colors. All walls of the house should attract no less attention than furniture and accessories. Patterns on a bright background remain popular - this is the traditional direction in which modern wallpaper design is used. Moreover, each solves this problem individually. New technologies modern types of printing, the most fashionable foundations and the brightest colors now complement the work of leading designers with today's actual texture.

If we talk about colors, today the most fashionable wall coverings have bluish shades. Besides blue, coral-red color is very popular. Also, all kinds of Flemish-style super fashion are beige, pink and blue with insignificant gray patches. Natural juicy colors - gentle or bright - are relevant in any space. Do not worry about experiments! Monochrome is a thing of the past. Stay real artists!

Fashion today offers large-scale flowers, the use of photo wallpaper in the interior, different types of contrasts, combinations of black and white compositions. The recommendation of bold designers is the distribution of several textures in one room - fabric and fur, imitation of tiles, animal skin. On the site there are samples of such wallpaper. Coverings that mimic the noble fur, no longer seem an unexpected solution. Such wallpapers bring special luxury to the interior. You can combine different shades or create a decorative panel on the wall. A room with such walls immediately turns into a work of art.

To create in the living room an atmosphere of creativity and a breadth of thought,which will certainly inspire all the people in the house, and at the same time feed it with extraordinary energy, with the help of graphic wall art. Swift or wavering lines that draw their ideas from textbooks and manuals on quantum physics or in sketches of modern architecture, change visually the dimensions of any room, while giving rise to unusual visual effects.

Buy wallpaper for the walls in Moscow is not difficult today. Especially since there are plenty to choose from.

In principle, fashion comes to wallpapers directly from high podiums. Looking at the wallpaper, you can easily see how the famous Scottish cell moved from the high catwalk to the clothes, and then to the wall coverings.

Dress your walls with a fashionable tweed goose foot, silk ornament or expensive velvet. This season, your ally is textiles. And even to the most traditional wallpaper you can choose decorative spectacular touches.

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