Fans criticized recovered Taylor Swift

For the past ten months, Taylor Swift has been working on a new Reputation album. She did not take part in public events - she only pleased her fans with new videos, but recently the 27-year-old singer finally appeared on the stage. True, after the Poptopia concert in California, where Swift performed, some of her fans were delighted, and some were at a loss: the short velvet shorts and the oversized sweater that the girl chose to leave, stressed how much she recovered during that time. Fans of the singer won out: did the album really give their favorite so hard that she even abandoned the gym? Or to blame for a relaxed family life with a British actor Joe Alvin, because lovers, as you know, do not count calories?

Publication from Taylor Swift Updates (@ taylorswift.updates)Dec 3 2017 at 6:28 PST

However, not all have taken up criticizing Taylor for the gained kilograms: some of her fans, on the contrary, noted that the new forms fit her - she looks sweeter, more feminine and even, oddly enough, rested.It seems that she herself thinks so: in any case, on the stage, Taylor showed complete self-confidence and actively danced during the show to the cheers of the audience.

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