Exercise for honesty with you. Step to a happy life!

This exercise will help you to look at yourself from the outside, to realize some of your shortcomings. Changing the attitude to the situation, correct those moments that constantly annoy us. After all, we carry all this in our heads! Thus, we do not give good events and amazing chances to come into our life. It is time to change!

  • Take a thick notebook and a pen. Try to remember and write what you are worried about, think about what problems bother you. Write in automatic mode - as the thought goes, and write. Write problems the way they sound in your head. Let it be like a conversation with himself, only on paper.

  • You can separate each problem from another, so that later it is easier to read and analyze.

  • Then honestly admit to yourself on paper what you were afraid to admit to yourself. Remember the debts to whom you owe and how much. Remember what treatment you should receive and not for any reason.Recall everything that anxiety brings. Elementary things that are unpleasant or scary to think about. Those things that cause discomfort.

You can write in several visits and in a few days. You will feel how a huge stone fell from your soul! Moreover, looking at it all from the side, you will understand that you can do some things now. Choose what you can handle at the moment. And start doing it slowly!

This relief and release is waiting for you! You will cease to constantly wear in your head and obmusolivat something annoying. You will see the world as if with a different, bright, clear vision! Moreover, freeing your head from unnecessary and increasing joy and positive, you will always arrive in a good mood. A state of relaxation and calm joy will come. But on one condition, if you are deeply aware and feel the true meaning of the word "Happiness".

Remember that happiness is the responsibility of every person! And to be happy, you need to understand one thing for yourself once and for all. Happiness is not the result of goals achieved. All the way around - first your happy state, then all your goals and true desires come true! Thanks to your happy state, you will attract the life of the right people, amazing events, amazing chances!

Remember once and for all and write on the wall in red letters: "First, happiness - then everything else!" As soon as you realize this, your life is guaranteed to be radically different.

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