Elizabeth II ordered Megan Markle to freeze eggs

Sonya Morsikova September 24, 2018

Rumors of Megan Markle's pregnancy appear in the British press every week. Last Wednesday, In Touch Weekly reported that the royal couple will be born twins, and this Monday the weekly OK! Magazine came out with the title: "The first photos of the pregnant duchess." All the rumors, however, have not yet been confirmed (photos of OK! Magazine turned out to be photoshop). But speculation continues.

So, a source close to the palace said that before the wedding with Prince Harry Elizabeth II, she ordered Megan Markle ... to undergo a fertility test and freeze eggs. The queen went to such measures to make sure that the chosen one of her grandson, who turned 37, will be able to continue the race At first, Megan felt insulted, but then, after weighing all the pros and cons, she gave her consent.

Grandchildren, by the way, are waiting for not only the queen, but also mom Megan. According to British tabloids, in the summer of 62-year-old Doria Redlan took courses in childcare in Los Angeles and is now preparing to move to London to be closer to her daughter.But Prince Harry himself has no plans for many children. During a visit to Ireland, he was frightened by the question of the mother of five, who asked him if he and Megan wanted as much. “Oh, no,” said the prince. “Five is too much!”

Megan, meanwhile, continues to choose the outfits that hide her belly, such as this Oscar de la Renta blouse, which she chose for the Coach Core Awards sports ceremony at Loughborough University.

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