Dream elevator

The elevator is a symbol of movement along the path of life. How to correctly interpret such dreams?

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Elevator in a dream
Why dream of going to the elevator

Dream Book of the Wanderer (Terentiya Smirnova)

To see the elevator in a dream - improving health, success, personal relationships will reach a higher level. The increase in vitality is expected by a person who has seen himself in an elevator rushing up.

Go down - stagnation in personal relationships and affairs, stopping or waiting.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

A dream foreshadows progress towards prosperity and wealth, perhaps even glory, provided that you are in a rising elevator.

Go down - a warning. There will be a series of failures that can thoroughly ruin life.

The elevator in which you are staying has stopped - a danger has appeared. Very soon, with a man stuck in an elevator, some misfortune will happen.

The elevator went down, but without you, disappointment would follow. Try to avoid them.

Dream Esoterica Tsvetkova

The elevator is a symbol of your spiritual state, movement along the path of spiritual development.

The elevator moves up - you are on the rise. A downward movement indicates a decline, you return to the starting point.

If the elevator is moving horizontally, it means that domestic problems and concerns interfere with your ascent.

What dreams of falling elevator? Beware of the spiritual fall. Dreamed that the elevator stopped? It will help you to understand that you have stopped on the path of your spiritual development.

Esoteric dream book

To dream of an elevator - to move through life. Rising means you are expected to achieve and good luck. Get down - be prepared for the fact that success will pass you by.

If elevator management is in your hands, expect success in financial affairs.

Slow elevator - things start moving unexpectedly quickly. Conversely, if you dream that the elevator is moving very quickly, unexpected obstacles will arise in your affairs.

Dream for the whole family

The woman dreamed that she did not have time to the elevator going down. A good dream, as she can avoid bitter disappointments.

Getting stuck while riding in the elevator is a warning. It is necessary to prepare for the upcoming troubles.

The dream of a modern woman

Why dream of going to the elevator? It all depends on the direction in which it moves. Going down - it means you need to be ready for the upcoming troubles.If the dream showed that you managed to leave the descending elevator, you can avoid problems

Move up - you are waiting for wealth and success. The danger in reality predicts a dream with the elevator stopping unexpectedly.

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