Elena Flying due to health problems looking for a replacement

If you lost the “Flying Squad” show on Channel One, then there is a good reason. Elena Letuchaya can no longer run the program because of health problems, so it was decided to temporarily suspend the project. This TV presenter herself reported on Instagram. “In early December, I began to feel bad, and now, after a series of examinations with various doctors, the diagnosis was confirmed: unstable angina,” Elena said about the reason for her disappearance from the screen. - Fly 2-3 times a week, as required by the program, I am now strictly forbidden! I never thought that I would post a similar post, but now I choose health. ”

Publication from Elena Letuchaya-Anashenkova (@elenapegas)Jan 25, 2018 at 2:11 PST

According to Elena, the film crew tried to find a replacement for her all of December and the beginning of January, but hasn’t yet succeeded. “Alas, this is not so simple -“ to enter the burning hut and stop the horse on the move, ”the TV host notices and promises,“ My dear,you will not lose me from the First Channel screen, but now I need your support and understanding! "The publication collected 26.5 thousand likes and more than 1000 comments with words of support and wishes to recover sooner.

Thus, the show "The Flying Squad", which was devoted to inspections in schools, polyclinics, kindergartens and other social institutions, lasted only one month, from November 11 to December 2017. Let's hope that the project is suspended only temporarily and Elena will soon return to the air.

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