Elegant home decorations for the holidays and not only

A cozy home nest is a dream of any woman, and, oddly enough, most men, it’s so nice to return to a pleasant and lovely home after a hard day’s work.

And if there are also some holidays looming on the horizon, then, of course, I would also like to supplement my cozy apartment with something thematic and characteristic of this celebration.

Details of the autumn interior

But as it turns out, not everything is so simple, decorative items and items cost a lot of money, and I don’t really want to buy everything. In fact, everything is not so difficult for your home to look cozy, but at the same time harmoniously and stylishly, you just need to approach this issue wisely, planning and thinking through the interior and its decorative elements in advance, and then everything will definitely work out!

All people are different, depending on this, the type of home furnishing of apartments and houses changes, someone prefers to decorate his house with his own hands, resorting to various hand-made techniques, while others prefer to buy finished products of designers and famous craftsmen.

Of course, it is easier to buy ready-made, but decorating a house with your own hands, you invest in these elements a piece of your soul and good energy, then even pillows, vases or curtains will play with new, special colors that the hostess decorated them with her needlework.

Details create a cozy atmosphere.

At first, something may not work, or it may not turn out exactly as we would like, the main thing is desire and aspiration, and then in the end everything works out as it should. It is possible that the first time is to practice on something small, and then you can move on to global action.

Everyone decorates home spaces in different ways: someone likes pictures and frames with photographs, someone makes a basic bet on unusual decor, which is achieved with rich and interesting repairs in the apartment, different colors, their combinations and textures are used.

Do not be afraid of bright colors

Someone collects statues, and someone likes home flowers, so his apartment resembles a greenhouse with very different and outlandish species. But even all this can be supplemented with something unusual and fantasy, having pleased himself and his household with original and stylish objects of decor.

How decorative elements in the apartment can come up with?


In any room there are many things and elements that are able to create comfort and beauty, and one of them is sofa cushions. It seems to be an ordinary thing, designed for sleep and rest, but how masterfully they turn an ordinary room into a warm and harmonious one.

Great design

You can decorate them in different ways, and in the shops the counters are full of various and very interesting options. For example, pillows in the form of hearts, which in their red color perfectly decorate wicker furniture, pillows in the shape of animals and cartoon characters, which will always flow into the nursery, and bright pillows in the shape of a roller, will not only provide a comfortable rest, but also their juicy and bright With flowers not bad shade a monophonic soft corner.

But you do not always need to run to the store for the next pillow. If at home there is an ordinary white pillowcase and a small pillow, then this is freedom for imagination and skill.

You can purchase special ready-made applications in the form of flowers, bows, whole pictures and with the help of a hot iron to glue them to your prepared pillow. And you can make a beautiful embroidery, or resort to the technique of painting on fabric, and you can still combine it all! How? We will now tell.

Romantic and cute

In advance, we choose a pattern that we want to see on the fabric, by the way, flax is best suited for pillowcases. We also need paint for fabric, tassel, floss for embroidery and, naturally, embroidery hoops. Most often, the picture is combined, for example, if it is a flower, then one petal is drawn with paint, and the other is embroidered.

The template is transferred to the fabric, we paint the necessary elements and wait for the paint to dry. Do not forget to fix the effect, you can simply iron the design with an iron. The remaining elements are embroidered with satin stitch, do not forget about the contour - it also needs to be embroidered. Nothing complicated, but how beautiful!

Flower pots

Beautiful home decorations can be obtained from old and, at first glance, inconspicuous things that have long been going to throw.

Original solution

We are talking about old flower pots, which have lost their old colors and are not at all happy with the owners. If you arm yourself with multi-colored paints from cans, beads, colored ribbons, beads, braid and threads, then you can transform your pots to incredible beauty.

Come up with a composition, and then you will be helped by scissors, glue and varnish, which will need to cover the finished creation.In such pots, the plants will start to play with new colors, who knows, maybe you will come up with something new for them, besides flowers and bushes.


Window apertures and interior spaces always want to decorate with something unusual and beautiful, because these decorative elements instantly give the room a special coziness and comfort.

Bright and interesting

The easiest, but original way is to decorate the doorway with curtains of beads. To do this, you will need a utility line, beads of different sizes in pleasant colors and a little perseverance.

Beads are strung on a fishing line, we fix them there, as a result of which a very original and flowing element of home comfort is obtained. The curtains connected from a cotton thread look very cute and stylish, the openwork and light ones create an impression of Provence style.

Cute and easy

How to make decorations for your house on holidays?

Of course, everything depends on the holiday itself, its subject matter and orientation. For example, Halloween has its own traditional symbols: the pumpkin Jack, which is very interesting and fun to cut out with the whole family, you can make several of these muzzles with different emotions and put them in one row.

Also on this holiday you can hang pendants with shards or any other symbolism - the silhouette of a witch flying on a broom, a black cat, spider webs and much more. All this can be done from black cardboard, cut out figurines, you can decorate them with gold plating, so that they flicker in the darkness, and then pass them through the thread, and put this homemade garland under the ceiling or on a free wall.

Holiday Decorations

If the New Year is ahead of you, then there is no end to fantasy space! Beautiful and openwork snowflakes, which can be cut from white or shiny paper, from them make up whole garlands, compositions and even wreaths.

And you can resort to traditional options - decorating windows and a Christmas tree. From coniferous branches, beautiful ikebans always turn out, it is worthwhile only to dilute them with a couple of New Year's toys, sprinkle with sparkles, add tinsel, lay cones, and in the center, usually, put a candle.

The most important decoration of the New Year's house is, of course, a Christmas tree, and the most beautiful will be not the one that is decorated according to the standard scheme, as if from a picture, but the one that will differ by its unusual design and creative ideas.

Try to decorate the Christmas tree with your family, each will do something different, and then you will definitely get a special and unlike anything else design.

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