Easy way to solder aluminum

This is an incredibly easy way to solder aluminum that you can imagine. With the help of it anyone who wants, at home or in the garage will be able to repair and repair any products made of aluminum without any problems, without any argon welding. You will easily make different designs from the aluminum profile and much more. Now, to solder a radiator or bicycle frame from aluminum, you do not have to go to the workshop and give away a lot of money, everything can be soldered at home. With a competent approach, not worse than a welded joint, but certainly more reliable than any cold welding that is usually used as an alternative.

It will be necessary

The gas burner does not have to be professional. It is enough to have a conventional burner nozzle on a gas cylinder, or any other one. Any more I'll tell you about the specialized solder that will need to be purchased. It is a tubular powder solder specifically designed for soldering aluminum (why powder is a powder inside the tube). It consists of two components: the shell and the powder base inside.We will not go into details about the chemical composition, it's useless. It can be purchased in specialized stores, it is used in car repair shops. The most accessible way for everyone is to buy it atAli Express - a link to solder. It is inexpensive, I advise you to take the packaging right away - it will definitely come in handy in life.
Easy way to solder aluminum

Solder aluminum with a gas torch

Take a profile or parts that need to be welded.
Simple method for soldering aluminum
We clean the surface with a brush for metal. As an option, you can take a sandpaper with a large grain. The more the surface roughness for soldering is greater, the better will be the bond with the solder. Simple way to solder aluminum
Clamp or other device fix the connection. Turn on the gas burner and heat the joint.
A simple way to solder aluminum
We bring tubular solder. It melts and spreads along the seam.
A simple way to solder aluminum
The whole process takes place at about 450 degreesCelsius. Solder has an incredible fluidity and flows into any, even the smallest gaps in the metal.
Easy way to solder aluminum
A simple way to solder aluminum
After distributing the solder, we warm up the connection a little more so that it spreads out and spreads to the joints of the node as much as possible.
Simple way to solder aluminum

Summing up

Personally, when I found out about this simple and affordable method of soldering was incredibly surprised. I think I was able to surprise you, if of course you did not know about it before. A few words about reliability. Of course, welding benefits, as the structures are merged and mixed, but this method is not much inferior. Provided the connection is bent, the part itself bends. The soldering connection is extremely reliable and is quite capable of withstanding almost any load, as if the connection is molten. The only thing, if it turned out not quite high-quality soldering - it is most likely not enough warming up the burner. In other cases, it keeps everything tight. Now, solder a hole in an aluminum pan, make a can of sheet metal,to make a shelf of a profile for you is not difficult.

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