"Dynasty" and another 6 new series of October

The serial season is gaining momentum. And this is very useful, because there is nothing more comfortable than spending an October evening on your favorite couch while watching the latest episodes. We picked up seven new TV shows coming out in October.


Start: October 1

Hilarious parody of the "X-Files" and "People in Black" from the channel FOX. Two geeks and losers (very funny Adam Scott and Craig Robinson) turn out to be agents of a secret bureau that investigates paranormal phenomena and everything that lies outside of science. The partners are so often in awkward situations that it is this that becomes the main “trick” of the series, and not at all aliens, whose heads cry out that there is urine separate from the body.

"Ten Days in the Valley"

Start: October 1

TV series ABC about kidnapping. The life of a successful TV producer and single mother, Jane, changes irreversibly when her little daughter disappears. Suspicion of kidnapping falls on her ex-husband, Jane, with whom the woman had a very tense relationship.However, he is not involved, and Jane can only wait and rely on the police. But one night a video with her daughter comes to her post ...
We have seen a lot of mothers whose child disappeared, starting with “Very strange things” and ending with “Dislike” of Zvyagintsev. Kira Sedgwick, whose career has lately sagged slightly, shows that even a very strong woman has a weak spot ...


Start: October 3

Comedy series, invented by Jeremy Bronson, the author of "The Project Mindy." The 27-year-old rapper (Brandon Michael Hall) began running for mayor to improve his career. Who would have thought he would win! A wise mother convinces a good-for-nothing son-musician that right now he can change his destiny by making the lives of other people better. Under the guidance of a business assistant (Lea Michel), the rapper takes on the case.


Start: October 3

FOX and Marvel TV series about teenagers with super power. Brother and sister Andrew and Laurent are ordinary schoolchildren who have discovered the ability to teleport. In a world where mutants are jailed, parents of children are forced to hide with their children and look for the underground organization of the X-Men.To connect with mutants, the whole family has to endure a lot of tests. The fact that viewers already know a lot about X-Men does not interfere with viewing at all, and those who love Carrie Brian de Palma will be pleased to see some obvious quotes.

"Gospel of Kevin"

Start: October 4

Dramedi channel ABC tells the story of a man who is literally forced to save the world. Kevin Flynn is an egoist who has never shown any particular kindness to people. Once, an angel named Yvette comes to him from heaven and informs him that he is, in a sense, a messiah. Unlucky Kevin, who by all appearance demonstrates that he is not ready for such responsibility, is played by Jason Ritter.


Start: October 11

The CW channel restarts the 80's iconic series Dynasty, a melodramatic story of a very rich and haughty family. The action in the remake is not in Colorado's Denver, but in Atlanta.
The daughter of a tycoon, arriving at his native estate, discovers that the young beauty has seduced her father. The Carrington family has money, power, but that's not enough for them. A sea of ​​ambition and an ocean of passion, intrigue and intrigue - in the "Dynasty" promise to give the viewer all that he loved so much in the old series. Only here it is a pity, Joan Collins will be gone.


Start: October 13

The series, put on the best-selling German writer Volker Kacher. A criminal noir about Germany of the 20s, in which completely different moods are roaming and fascism is born, and corrupt and corrupt people are in power. The main character, who works in the moral department of the Berlin police, is investigating the production of pornography and drug crimes. At the helm of the project are Tom Tykwer, Hendrik Handlegten, Achim von Borris (“Goodbye, Lenin!”).

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