Dumplings with potatoes, bacon and onions

Dumplings with potatoes, bacon and onions- a recipe.


  1. wheat flour 600 gr;
  2. warm water 0.4 l.;
  3. eggs 2 pieces;
  4. salt 1 tsp.
  5. sugar 1 tsp.;
  6. stuff:  
  7. potatoes at your discretion;
  8. mushrooms at your discretion;
  9. cracklings at your discretion.



Add salt and sugar to flour, add eggs and gradually pour in water, kneading. Dough knead until it begins to fall behind the hands. Cover, give "rest" 15-20 minutes. Then roll out thinly, but so that the dough does not tear. Glass cut circles. &Nbsp;

In some regions, the dough is kneaded not on water, but on kefir, adding a little more soda to it. Then the dumpling, thrown into the water, swells before your eyes and becomes fat. &Nbsp;


Boil the potatoes and turn them into mashed potatoes until they are cold. Add fried onions, mushrooms and cracklings. Salt to taste.

Served, smeared with lard, with bacon and fried onions and separately in a saucepan sour cream.

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