Dry and greasy dandruff: the main differences and methods of struggle


Dandruff is characterized by an increased rate of exfoliation of epidermal particles. On the hair and scalp appear white scales in combination with itching. In fact, this disease is not dangerous for human life and the general state of the body. Rather, dandruff is an unpleasant phenomenon that prevents you from looking aesthetically attractive.

It is difficult to cure dandruff completely, but it is quite realistic to control it. Television advertising is full of suggestions about shampoos that supposedly relieve dandruff. In fact, they only inhibit its development. To combat dandruff, it is more appropriate to use specific health-improving shampoos.

In addition to itching, white and yellow dandruff flakes are accompanied by dullness and lifelessness of curls. Dandruff may indicate a number of diseases, as well as a lack of specific vitamins. Dandruff indicates a psychological overstrain and an overabundance of stress in life.It is necessary to know about the varieties and features of treating dandruff, since it can provoke hair loss.

Dry dandruff: causes

Dry dandruff affects about 35% of people on the planet. Its formation does not depend on the type of hair.

With dry dandruff, the necrosis of the upper layer of the epidermis of the head exfoliates more intensively than usual. This is due to the fact that the hair follicles do not receive enough fat, as the sebaceous glands do not work correctly. This phenomenon is called dry seborrhea in medicine.

Some consider the presence of small scales a sign of advancing dry dandruff. However, to sound the alarm early. In a small amount of scales on the scalp is all. It is necessary to take measures if the skin scales begin to change color from transparent to white or yellowish. This is a sure sign of the onset of dandruff.

Dry dandruff is often accompanied by the fact that the keratinized particles of the epidermis fall from the head to the clothing. It does not look attractive and delivers psychological discomfort. However, this is often observed, because dandruff is a common disease. Its occurrence does not depend on age or gender. It does not matter even the type of human hair.Dry dandruff occurs, as in people with normal hair type, and with oily.

People are accustomed to believe that dandruff is the only problem of the head. However, this is a complex problem of the body. Probably dandruff is a manifestation of the disease of the internal system of the body.

The skin of a healthy person is updated once a month. When dandruff occurs, this process is accelerated, so the exfoliated particles of the upper layer of the epidermis are so noticeable. Dandruff gives an untidy look, and in advanced cases it is fraught with spots and exhaustion of hair.

2The exact causes of dry dandruff have not yet been identified, but the prerequisites include:

  • depletion of the body during the period of avitaminosis;
  • regular stressful situations;
  • lack of diet or improper diet;
  • hypodynamia;
  • reduced immunity, as a consequence of infectious diseases;
  • the presence of chronic diseases;
  • endocrine problems;
  • violations of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • overwork;
  • climate change;
  • pharmacological drugs that have an enhanced effect on the body;
  • unfavorable ecology in the place of permanent residence;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • incorrect treatment of scalp and hair.

The dominant role in the occurrence of dry dandruff is played by the fungus Pityrosporum ovale. It is in the epidermis of all people without exception, but at the time of the formation of dandruff the fungus begins to hyperactively multiply. Thus, it disrupts the sebaceous glands. Fat is produced little, and the skin becomes excessively dry.

To begin the treatment of dry dandruff, it is necessary to find out the cause of its occurrence. Accurately determine what affected the violation of the sebaceous glands can only a doctor.

Perhaps there are no abnormalities in the body, and dandruff is caused by improper care. This happens with frequent use ironing, hair dryer and other devices. Common causes are improperly selected shampoo or frequent staining of curls.

Oily dandruff: causes

A common cause of oily dandruff is alcohol and tobacco abuse.

If, with dry dandruff, the glands cease to produce the necessary amount of fat, then when dandruff fatty production occurs with excess. The epidermis is covered with a thick layer of subcutaneous fat, which clogs the pores, interferes with cell respiration and causes the appearance of oily dandruff.It is accompanied by itching, redness of individual areas, as well as unhealthy sheen of curls.

Horny particles of the upper layer of the epidermis of the head stick together with each other and become clearly visible on the hair and clothing. Hair quickly becomes greasy, unpleasantly shine, look dirty. Over time, dandruff develops and hair becomes thin and falls out. The medical name for such dandruff is oily seborrhea.

A prerequisite for the occurrence of oily dandruff is the weakening of the protective mechanisms of the body, this may result from:

  • genetic causes;
  • infectious illness;
  • exacerbation of chronic disease;
  • taking pharmacological drugs enhanced action;
  • prolonged depressive state;
  • frequent stress situations;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • disorders of hormones;
  • improper diet;
  • lack of mobility;
  • improper care of hair and skin.

5By and large, oily dandruff is a fungal infection. It is necessary to identify the cause of oily dandruff, because otherwise it can not be eliminated.

If a cluster of dead cells of the epidermis appears on the hair or clothing, you should immediately contact a dermatologist or a professional trichologist. The doctor will determine the cause of dandruff through a thorough examination and analysis of lifestyle.

Fat dandruff can be completely cured by an integrated approach to the healing process. The pharmacological agents prescribed by the doctor should intersect with proper care for the scalp and hair, as well as with proper diet and lifestyle changes.

Special attention in the fight against greasy dandruff is paid to the rejection of bad habits. The constant use of alcoholic beverages and dependence on nicotine does not help in the struggle for the beauty of the hair. These habits make curls dull and lifeless.

Treatment of dry and oily dandruff

To determine the presence of dandruff is not difficult. The difficulty arises in determining the cause of its occurrence.

Getting rid of dry or oily dandruff is complicated by the fact that finding the cause is not easy. Full recovery of the scalp takes a long period of time.

A mild form of dandruff (when it is not associated with a physiological or psychological disease) is treated with a change of care products, an increase in the amount of hair washing and a correction of the usual way of life.

The last item starts with changing the daily food menu. Hair does not like fat, salty, fried, spicy and smoked. These foods are excluded from the diet. The food harmful to beauty of hair is replaced with the products rich with cellulose. First of all, these are vegetables. Curls will say "thank you" for the consumption of vitamins of group B. They are contained in fermented milk products, cereals, nuts, liver and eggs.


The cause of dandruff often lies in violations of the water balance. To eliminate this, it is required to increase the amount of liquid consumed daily. Suitable natural juices, tea, pure mineral water. This reason is relevant for dry dandruff, when the upper layer of the epidermis flakes off, and the skin of the head is characterized by increased dryness.

During the treatment of dandruff, external negative effects on the hair and scalp are excluded. It is necessary to exclude hair dryer, ironing, ployka and other hairdressing procedures. Trichologists recommend using combs and hair accessories made from natural materials.These combs change more often than artificial ones due to their absorption of sebum and dirt. However, with their help, the treatment of dandruff will occur swiftly.

After contacting the doctor with the problem of dandruff, he will advise drugs for treatment. These drugs affect the fungus and eradicate the process of dandruff from the inside.

Choice of dandruff shampoo

There is a classification of dandruff shampoos. The choice of shampoo is often delayed, because it is not known what will suit a particular person. Shampoo happens:

  • with zinc content. Zinc pyrithione contained in this shampoo has anti-fungal effects. It is in contact with the fungus that causes dandruff, reducing its quantity and activity;
  • with the content of tar. Coal tar in the composition of the shampoo reduces the rate of epidermal cell renewal and peeling. Tar used shampoos treat even seborrheic dermatitis;
  • containing salicylic acid. The tool is used to treat oily dandruff, because after exposure to acid, the scalp dries. This shampoo is applied with an air conditioner that compensates for the excessive dryness of the epidermis after contact with salicylic acid;
  • containing selenium sulfide.The tool reduces the activity of renewal of the cells of the upper layer of the epidermis of the head, affects the fungus, reducing its number. Selenium sulfide shampoos are used in strict accordance with the instructions for use.

Be careful! Selenium sulfide bleaches hair! After applying it, rinse thoroughly.

  • containing ketoconazole. The means giving the guaranteed result. A hyperactive antifungal component relieves hateful dandruff for a long time.

If the change of hair care products and scalp did not bring the desired result, then the physician can offer to take advantage of physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy in the fight against dandruff

3In the treatment of dry and fatty dandruff, two methods of physiotherapy are used:

  1. Cryomassage. This method of dealing with dandruff is characterized by improved microcirculation and nutrition of the follicles. Cryomassage occurs by affecting the blood-vascular system of the scalp. Cryomassage also increases the stability of the immune system of the epidermis of the head. This blocks the effects of the fungus and dandruff disappears. After cryomassage, medicines are perceived more intensively by the scalp, respectively, the process of getting rid of dandruff is faster.
  2. Darsonvalization.Another method of dealing with oily and dry dandruff. The process of darsonvalization occurs by exposing the scalp with a vacuum electrode. Irritation of reflexes has a beneficial effect on vascular tone, which improves metabolic processes. Darsonvalization has anti-inflammatory results. After the procedure, itching disappears, which eliminates scratching from intense scratching.

Dandruff Masks at Home

To prevent the occurrence of dry and oily dandruff, it is recommended to regularly make healthy masks. They do not eliminate the causes of dandruff, but can reduce its number. Common mask recipes at home:

  • Honey mask. In the presence of oily dandruff, lemon and sour cream are added to the honey. If dandruff is dry, castor oil is added. Both for the first and second masks lavender oil is mixed in. The mixture is rubbed into the scalp. The mask keeps on hair 50 minutes. After that, it should be washed off with shampoo.
  • Get rid of the manifestations of oily dandruff apple cider vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. Neither product is used in its pure form. It is diluted either in plain water or in a decoction of medicinal herbs.The composition is rubbed into the epidermis of the head three times a day. If it does not bring discomfort, you can not wash your head.
  • Dandruff dry type help vegetable oils. Olive, castor, burdock, linseed or other oil is rubbed into the scalp. It lasts 45 minutes, then rinse with shampoo.

Strengthen the result of the use of masks helps create a "greenhouse effect." For this, the masked head wraps itself in a plastic bag and a cloth.

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