Drawing on February 23 for children in school and kindergarten for a gift to dad. How to draw a drawing on the topic of February 23 in a competition by pencil or paint

23P-013In schools and kindergartens on the eve of the Day of Defender of the Fatherland, exhibitions and competitions of children's creativity are held. They show their original works - drawings on the theme of February 23, made with pencil and paints. They usually depict military equipment, battle scenes, soldiers and other subjects directly related to the army life. The same plan drawings are used as gifts by February 23 for dads, grandfathers, older brothers, uncles and other relatives, friends and male relatives.If you want your child to do something similar, use the advice of our step-by-step master classes. They will tell you how quickly and without effort to draw a beautiful, bright image that will adorn the courageous and noble men's holiday.

Pencil drawing in stages for children - a gift to dad by February 23

For the Pope on February 23, a child can prepare an excellent gift - a pencil drawing on a military theme created by himself. How to make it, tell a phased master class. There are no particular difficulties in this work, and even children who do not have a pronounced talent of the artist will cope with it. The finished work will be very catchy and, clearly, parents will like it, and the kid will definitely have a desire to do drawing more seriously.


Necessary materials for a children's staged drawing on the theme of February 23

  • sheet of white paper medium soft A4
  • simple pencil hb
  • plain pencil B2
  • eraser
  • ruler
  • compass

Step-by-step instruction for children on how to gradually draw a thematic drawing with a pencil for dad

  1. On a sheet of paper to make a preliminary markup.A simple HB pencil under the ruler in the upper left corner to hold two lines cross, defining the direction of flight. In the lower right corner, make the same cross-shaped sketch and outline the basis for the aircraft body along the direction of travel.23P-002
  2. Draw wings and tail. Using an eraser to remove a cruciform sketch in the upper left corner and all the extra strokes located inside the contour of the aircraft body.23P-003
  3. Using a compass to draw a propeller in the nose, and on the body to depict the cockpit.23P-004
  4. With a few light movements, create the appearance of the person sitting in the cab. Under the wings to depict rifle guns. In the upper left corner to outline the silhouettes of two attacking enemy aircraft, according to the idea of ​​the composition, pursuing a fighter. Under the ruler draw a few lines, simulating the flight of projectiles. On both sides of the propeller, make 2-3 semicircular strokes that imitate the movement of the blades. On the wing of the aircraft to depict a five-pointed star.23P-005
  5. At the end, in pencil B2, very clearly and with light pressure draw all the outer contours of the aircraft. This will give the picture an extra realism and a sense of movement.

Drawing on February 23 in kindergarten - how to gradually draw a tank with colored pencils


Very effective, bright, colorful, but at the same time simple drawing can be drawn with colored pencils on February 23 in kindergarten. Such a nice and attractive image of the tank is suitable for a gift to the father, grandfather, elder brother or uncle, or it will serve as an excellent exhibit of the thematic exhibition on the occasion of Defender of the Fatherland Day. To make the work more accurate, educators should help young artists and invite them to use the oval template to outline the contour of the tank.

Required materials for the phased drawing of a tank in kindergarten

  • white sheet of A4 paper
  • simple pencil
  • set of colored pencils
  • eraser

Step-by-step instructions for simple drawing with colored pencils on February 23 in the garden

  1. In the central part of the white sheet of paper, having retreated about 5 cm from the bottom edge, draw a large oval. This will be the base of the tank.23P-006
  2. Inside the oval, represent one more, but somewhat smaller. Top draw a semicircular tower.23P-007
  3. On the left side of the tower to represent the muzzle of the future armored vehicle.23P-008
  4. From the top of the tower, make a draft of the hatch for the tanker, draw a lantern on the front of the tower, and inside the small oval depict two large and two small circles. It will be caterpillars.23P-009
  5. Sharp strokes under the tank to draw a plot of land, near the muzzle to draw smoke from a shot, on the tower to sketch a five-pointed star.23P-010
  6. Decorate the tank with colored pencils. The caterpillar circles are toned in gray, the small oval under them is dark brown. Cover the hull of the tank with a rich green tint, and shade the star with a red pencil. The outer contours of the picture clearly work out a soft black pencil.

Drawing paints for the contest by February 23 at school


In this master class step by step it is told how to draw a beautiful drawing with paints on a military-army theme for the competition on February 23. Work is not easy and requires time, perseverance and some artistic skills. Small children who only attend kindergarten should not be assigned this task. They simply can not cope with it due to lack of experience. But students in grades 1–4 will be able to make such a drawing, especially if mom or dad will provide some help in preparing the outline with a pencil.

Required materials for school contest drawing on February 23

  • sheet of white landscape paper
  • simple pencil
  • a set of gouache paints
  • brushes

Step-by-step instruction for schoolchildren, how to draw a paint for the contest by February 23 thematic drawing

  1. With a simple pencil, do not put too much pressure on the paper to make a rough sketch. In the upper right corner mark the semicircle of the sun, hiding behind the clouds.
  2. Visually divide the sheet horizontally in half and from the right side approximately to the middle to draw a conventional horizon line.
  3. On the left side, a little deviating from the lower edge, depict the contour of sharp sea reefs. Almost at the same level, but on the right to draw the outline of a warship.
  4. Paint the bottom of the sheet with a wide brush with blue-blue paint, sky toned with light blue shades, cover the rocks with a light brown tone and allow the blank to dry very well.
  5. When the image is completely dry, dip a thin brush in a very light blue paint and paint foam waves on the sea.
  6. Paint the ship in a gray tone, and on top depict the Russian flag.
  7. To cover the sunny semicircle with yellow paint, and under it with a gray-blue tint, paint clouds in broad strokes.Leave work again until completely dry.
  8. On top of the rocks, sketch a plane with a simple pencil and then paint it in green and make red marks on the nose, wings and tail section. On the case to draw five-pointed stars.
  9. When the picture is completely dry, submit it to the school drawing competition on the occasion of the celebration of February 23.

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