Double-circuit gas boiler

Double-circuit gas boilerA two-circuit, gas-independent gas boiler is a gas boiler equipment with the function of heating water, which does not require a connection to electricity during its operation. This type of boiler is suitable for regions in which electricity interruptions often occur, and there is also no hot water supply. Structurally, in this version of the boiler equipment, there are outputs for connection to heating, as well as outputs for connection to the hot water supply system.


Dual-gas boilers without connection to the power grid are working, because there is a thermogenerator inside them. When the gas approaches the boiler, a special pilot burner starts to ignite with the help of a piezoelectric element, which works when the button is pressed. Subsequently, the pilot burner starts to burn constantly. The main burner in the boiler, which is responsible for heating the water in the water supply and coolant circuit, starts to ignite at the required time already from the pilot burner.


The main burner will burn until the temperature in the coolant reaches the set temperature, after which it automatically shuts off and the gas supply stops. When the thermostat detects a decrease in the temperature in the coolant to a predetermined threshold, the gas supply is turned on again. Subsequently, the heat transfer fluid and the hot water circuit are heated again.


When installing this boiler, it is advisable to know certain nuances:


  • in order that an energy-independent gas boiler can effectively heat the room and the water in it can circulate well, it is necessary to install heating pipes at an angle;
  • The heating line must be installed directly, i.e. it is desirable to avoid bends;
  • to remove the excess gas, which is formed due to the temperature rise in the coolant, it is necessary to install an expansion tank.


Since these boilers are non-volatile, to remove combustion elements, which include gas and smoke, it is necessary to mount a passive chimney. Basically, such a chimney should go out through the roof to create the necessary air draft.You also need to know that with a passive chimney a certain amount of gas still gets into the room. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of human health, it is necessary to ensure good ventilation of the room.

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