Double boobs-selfie from Kim Kardashian and Emily Ratakovski

Kim Kardashian and Emily Ratakovski after a scandal with a “naked selfie” became girlfriends, you can’t spill it with water, and judging by the last trick, they decided to defend their right to be “sexy” together. On the eve of the girl posted on Instagram double boobs-selfie, which was done in a restaurant, more precisely in the toilet. They accompanied the pictures with a demonstration of the middle finger, which probably means: “We are not only our bodies, but this does not mean that we should cover nudity and be ashamed of our sexuality,” as Emily previously wrote in an essay in defense of “nude” Kim , which was sharply criticized.

Opinions are divided: some support girlfriends, talking about the rights of women, others, on the contrary, are accused of stupidity.

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