Donald Trump again accused of contempt of his wife

Unlike Barack Obama, who always opened the door for his wife Michel, he got up, had to go into the room, help him get off the plane - in general, he behaved like a knight. Donald Trump repeats everything exactly the opposite, which is why he is constantly criticized by experts on etiquette and ridicule of users in social networks. Another "trick" of the 45th US President occurred during the visit of the presidential couple to Maryland over the weekend. Waiting until Melania introduced him to the crowd, Donald approached his wife, shook her hand dryly and ... pushed him aside to stand comfortably behind the podium and start speaking.

Introduces Andrews. He thanks her with a

- Caitriona Perry (@CaitrionaPerry)September 15, 2017

The incident in Maryland spawned a new wave of rumors that the presidential couple is not so smooth and the spouses look and behave as if they have not lived together for a long time, but are forced to portray in front of the cameras that they are doing well (as a result, Twitter again The hashtag #SaveMelania appeared.Jokes are jokes, but, according to experts, the relationship between Melania and Donald is not at all their own business, they serve as a model of behavior - and in this case wrong - for the whole country.

Donald Trump again accused of contempt of his wife

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