A doll in a hip-and-white textile industry

“So that luck would turn to you only with the face, and not with the booty!” With such wishes, these cute dolls, sewn from a simple nylon with a padding, will be presented. With a simple tie, you can give such a doll a variety of facial expressions and even make it look like someone else. It is not difficult to sew, the material goes a little and the most affordable. So, we will need: -capic material (pantyhose, stockings) -the synthon - thread under the color of the material a needle of a scissors a yarn (for hair) a wire satin ribbons a lace, a pair of beads First take a sintepon, tear it into small pieces and sort into two identical piles. Tie two fabric cuts into two balls and tie the fabric at the back with an ordinary hair tie.
 forming two balls
One ball - the basis for the face, the second for the pupa priests. Let's start with the face.The base is ready, now you need to chop a sintepon for cheeks and nose.
Distribute it evenly under the fabric in the blank for the head.
 shape the face
Do not worry if it turns out not quite smoothly, then everything can be corrected. We make a nose fastener, starting from the bridge of the nose.
make the bridge of nose
Insert the needle into the same point from right to left several times. Then we diagonally draw to the place where the nostrils of the nose will be.
 do the nose
Stitch it several times.
 do the nose

On the sides on both sides, fix and cut the thread. Then we do the cheeks, mouth and lips of our doll. To do this, take two needles with threads and alternately sew one and the second cheek from the top down.
 make the mouth
Tie the threads together, well at the same time pulling them.
make mouth
 make lips
Sew lips. To do this, stick a needle under the place where the lower lip will be, pull it under the spout and so lower it down. Tie the threads together, carefully pulling them together. Fan the needle with a synthetic winterizer, to give the desired shape. Sew space for the eyes.
 face ready
Glue your eyes (you can buttons) and tint the eyes with eye shadows (you can draw brows, cilia, freckles, etc.).
 red eyes and lips
Let 's put aside the muzzle and return to the blank for priests. Make it easy. Stick a needle under that tail tied with an elastic band and thread the ball into two halves. Sew a few times, fix and cut the thread.
 to the blank for the priests
Now we need to make the arms and legs of our doll. In order to make the handles, you need to cut the wire, approximately 1 m long, and twist 5 small fingers on each. This will be the frame that we will wrap around with a padding polyester, we will wrap it with a cloth and sew it.
For the legs, we will make two blanks, both for the head and the priests,Only smaller and begin to shape the fingers with a tie.
Then stitch the heel.
When all the details are ready, you can collect the doll. But first we sew a dress and panties. For a dress, you can take a piece of satin fabric and stitch it. From above to collect a nashtochny seam, and below to sheathe lace and beads. For panties, take a satin ribbon and sew it to the priest, closing the seam. Then we dress the dress on the ass, we put two hands together and sew it all. Then we glue the head. Hair made from yarn and glued to the head. We glue the legs to the priest. We put money or a wish into the pen and that's it, our little lily is ready! Easy work and life!

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