Dolce Vita! Secrets of the perfect decor from the Italians

Willful residents of Italy will never chase fashion. They create their own unique style in their homes, which fascinates and delights with its simplicity and refinement.

Temperamental, attractive and sexy Italians wanted to spit on the world's canons of beauty. This concerns not only their peculiar style, from which all men go mad, and women enviously exclaim “Wellissimo!”, But also the interior, falling into which you fall in love once and for all. We understand what is so special about Italian décor and how to repeat it.

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The history of Italian style has its roots in antiquity and originates, perhaps, in ancient Rome. In modern Italian homes, it is often possible to meet antique vases and other ancient objects, which they are especially proud to exhibit in the most prominent place, thus paying tribute to their ancestors. In general, everything connected with ancient Rome causes the Italians to be stormy delight and awe.

The Italian style in the interior is distinguished by simplicity and refinement, as well as a large number of sunny shades. Luxury, eclecticism, bohemian, softness, a harmonious combination of natural materials and modern solutions - this is, perhaps, how you can characterize the style that has become popular not only in Italy itself, but throughout the world.


Italians love to cook, but they will never do it under pressure. Of course, a man can ask his lover to cook him something special, and she, if deigned, can build a masterpiece. But often, Italian kitchens are commanded by flour, which, by the way, is also divinely prepared.

The design of the kitchen area should begin with the walls - they are the ones who set the character of the whole room. Caring housewives will surely place a picture or a panel depicting olive groves or other Italian motifs on the wall. By the way, in the kitchen, decorated in a similar style, a lot of countertops and work areas, but almost no wall cabinets. Their role is replaced by open shelves, where picturesquely arrange decorative wicker dishes, clay plates, as well as menus or bottles for wine entwined with rods or thick threads.Bottles of olive oil, bouquets of fragrant herbs and a vase with lemons complete the picture. It looks incredibly picturesque and very Italian.

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Living room

The living room, bedroom or children's room are decorated in a classic style, again starting to plan the design from the walls. In living rooms, the walls are decorated with drawings with elements of stucco. In the room (or on the balcony, which is more like a terrace) place fresh flowers in beautiful clay pots. A cozy sofa with a lot of pillows, mirrors, dark vases in harmony with the main decor, a coffee table, textiles, and open shelves on which books are placed - all this gives the room a special charm and style.


Bathrooms usually do not differ in special dimensions, so, unlike refined French women, Italians do not pay proper attention to this room. However, the basic rules for the design of bathrooms are present in Italian homes. In order not to visually reduce the area of ​​the room, all the main elements are placed on the walls. The room is usually decorated in warm shades, a small bathroom is installed, which is covered with white or beige curtains (in the modern version - a beautiful shower with transparent doors), a large oval mirror is hung next to it.A classical chandelier, a small chest of drawers or a dressing room for bathrobes complement the interior in Italian style and perform not only a decorative, but also a practical function.

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