Disadvantages and benefits of an alkaline slimming diet

There are so many diets that you can get confused in their names. For example, the alkaline diet is quite popular among the stars, but still not much is known about it.

The essence of the diet

The basic essence of the alkaline diet is to create an alkaline environment in the body, which is considered the most favorable for the work of all important organs and systems.

It is believed that the acidic environment violates the absorption of certain nutrients, and the body's work, and also contributes to the formation of toxins and toxins and the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms. And that is why, according to the developers of the diet, the amount of acidic foods should be reduced to a minimum.

Advantages and disadvantages

The benefits of an alkaline diet:

  • Since the diet consists mainly of fruits and vegetables, the diet can be called quite effective and useful for losing weight. Almost all foods contain few calories, so the weight should be reduced.
  • An alkaline diet is really good for some diseases.
  • The basis of the diet consists of vegetables and fruits that stimulate intestinal motility, so the digestion will noticeably improve.
  • Vegetables, berries and fruits will help get rid of toxins and slags and cleanse the body, which will not only contribute to weight loss, but also improve the work of almost all systems.

Now the cons:

  • This food can not be called balanced. Consumption of dairy products, as well as meat and fish should be reduced, and in fact they contain proteins and polyunsaturated acids, which are so necessary for the normal functioning of the body.
  • It is quite difficult to follow an alkaline diet, as you will have to significantly change your eating habits and abandon your favorite and often used foods. And this is connected with the risk of failure.
  • Results can be noticeable only at the initial stages, since it is at this time that excess fluid and toxins will be removed. Further weight loss is likely to be insignificant.
  • There are contraindications. They are not so many, but still they are.
  • Feelings may deteriorate due to a lack of essential nutrients.Weakness, apathy, lethargy, fatigue, fatigue, mood swings and so on are often observed.


The alkaline diet has some contraindications:

  • acute or chronic renal failure;
  • some heart diseases (alkaline environment affects the level of potassium, and it is necessary for the normal operation of the heart);
  • pregnancy;
  • lactation period;
  • elderly age;
  • childhood;
  • chronic diseases in the acute stage.

In any case, you should seek the advice of a doctor, so that he assesses the state of health and gives useful recommendations about compliance with the diet.

How to comply?

To begin with we will list the allowed and forbidden products.

Allowed vegetables, fruits and berries, legumes, some cereals (for example, buckwheat or millet), natural vegetable oils, dried fruits, seaweed, soybeans, nuts, lean meats (veal, beef), honey, some cheeses (for example, brynza ), as well as low-fat varieties of fish.

It is not recommended to consume dairy products, eggs, fatty fish, coffee, alcohol, polished rice, bakery and confectionery products, semi-finished products, sausages and sausages, sugar.

The duration of the diet can be 3-4 weeks, not more.

Sample menu

The menu can be divided into 3 phases.

First phase menu:

  • Breakfast: fruit and soy milk.
  • Lunch: a bird (for example, baked or steamed), vegetable salad.
  • Lunch: soy yogurt.
  • Dinner: fish stew with vegetables.

At the first stage, malaise associated with active restructuring of the body may be felt.

Phase 2 menu:

  • Breakfast: fruit, soy yogurt and juice (vegetable or fruit).
  • Lunch: vegetable soup.
  • Snack: soy yogurt.
  • Dinner: vegetable salad with tofu.

In the second week, the acid-base balance will recover, so the weakness should go away.

Phase 3 menu:

  • Breakfast: steam omelet, a small slice of bread, soy yogurt or fruit.
  • Lunch: vegetable soup and salad with beef or veal.
  • Lunch: fruit and a piece of bitter dark chocolate.
  • Dinner: white fish, baked with vegetables.

This phase is the easiest, as it is aimed at maintaining acid-base balance.

Important rules

Some important rules:

  1. The amount of alkaline foods in the total amount of food consumed per day should be approximately 80%. The share of acid products should not exceed 20-25%.
  2. It is recommended to prepare in advance for a diet to eliminate the likelihood of unpleasant sensations. To do this, reduce the amount of acidic products gradually, for about a month bringing it to the required (that is, up to 20%).
  3. The last meal should be done no later than 19 hours.
  4. Vegetables and fruits are preferably consumed fresh, as long-term heat treatment can increase the acidity and reduce the amount of useful substances. But boiling, baking and steaming are permissible.
  5. The perfect breakfast would be a combination of one green and one yellow fruit.
  6. Use plenty of fluids (at least 1.5-2 liters per day). It can be mineral water without gases, plain water or herbal teas.


The results will be noticeable in the first week, which can take 3-5 kilograms. Then the decline will be less rapid (about 1-2 kilograms per week).


From the alkaline diet delighted many celebrities and ordinary people. The effect is really noticeable, but this food is not for everyone. In addition, many people find the diet difficult.

Good luck and speedy weight loss!

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