Diets that do not work

To say that they all did not work, I can not. Eating for a week or two according to a scheme strictly prescribed by someone there, I, of course, lost weight a little bit ... and quickly gained again. After all, it was enough to return to the usual “I eat what I want,” as the lost returned. So they threw me from side to side until the brain screamed into the megaphone: “Alar, alar!” I was lucky that it happened quickly, and though it was overwork, but I managed to recover. In short, I know a lot about diet.

"Minus ten kilos in just a week." Surely you've heard of these diets, and perhaps tried. Magic power schemes “guarantee” the quickest deliverance from extra pounds (for some reason precisely where it is not necessary *) with minimal effort. Hundreds of high-speed methods: from the "paleontological" scheme to the Dukan diet, liquid, solid and others - in fact, stupid diets, which, leading to a slight weight loss, pinch along with the fat and a piece of your health. I do not think you have too much.So you want to lose weight quickly - ask me how to do it. Before you are five completely useless and to the same dangerous diets.

Non-carbohydrate diets

Scant breakfast, chicken breast at lunch, fish with broccoli or eggs and a few nectarines instead of dinner. It seems that it was the whole ration of my first two-week test called the "carbohydrate-free diet." By a similar principle, the scheme of Dyukan and Dr. Atkins works - have you heard of such ?! Japanese diet and others like them there.

Let it be said that in the UK, the Atkins diet has about 3 million followers, among whom there are many famous people, I advise you not to get involved, because it is not the healthiest way to lose weight. Carbohydrates - one of the most important components of the daily diet, the main source of energy and good mood. Sharply limiting their consumption, do not complain of fatigue, fatigue and incessant headache. In addition, poor consumption of carbohydrates will subsequently negatively affect the functioning of the brain and cardiovascular system, while an abundance of protein will damage the health of the kidneys.

Diets that do not work

Dinner give to the enemy

"Do not eat after six! Supporters of dubious methods of weight loss said and continue to speak. "And till six eat everything you want." Tell me, please, what is the difference between a huge portion of something high-calorific at 5:45 pm from exactly the same or slightly smaller, but eaten at midnight ?! True, nothing!

Any unbalanced dinner, regardless of the time frame, will not bring benefits, as it is most likely underdeveloped. It has long been proven that the time when we eat has little effect on how the body uses this portion of food, whereas only the composition and size of food eaten matters.

Diets that do not work

5: 2 format, or “I am on a hunger strike!”

The philosophy of fractional fasting, when you eat whatever you want, for several days in a row, starve and eat again, is not new. For the first time, she captured the mind of losing weight back in the 70s of the last century, when Paul Bragg's first book, “The Miracle of Fasting,” appeared in sales, in which HLS were offered (ideally) to be in bed for most of the month.

Over the years, the principle of fractional fasting has become a little more humane. According to the 5: 2 format, it’s allowed not to limit yourself to anything in five days a week, and in the remaining two days you should try to fit all the gastronomic diversity of 500 kilocalories (for men, 600).In my opinion, complete nonsense, in the opinion of nutritionists, nonsense is also dangerous.

Such a small calorie is not able to provide our body with energy, which is necessary for the work of all organs and systems. The body needs not some kind of food, but daily energy - carbohydrates, "building material" (proteins, fats, which are responsible for the production of different hormones), and, of course, vitamins and minerals. Even if by some miracle you manage to contain at least half of all this in 500 kcal, there is no evidence that such a diet is effective in the long term. And then, fasting is always a strong stress for the body. To lose weight permanently, it is not necessary to unload and starve, but it is important to eat every day in a balanced way.

Diets that do not work

Mono diet

The most reckless, but at the same time fast-acting way to start and insignificant, but nevertheless losing weight is based on the use for a few days or a day ("unloading") of a single product, and in strictly limited quantities. It can be, for example, a kilogram of apples, a liter of kefir, a glass of boiled buckwheat without salt and oil, a half kilogram of cucumber or 300-400 g of cottage cheese, stretched for a day. Relaxation only on water.Drink I do not want! Lasted at least a day of mono-diet guarantees instant results. “Hooray, the goal is reached! And so simple! ”- the scales will exclaim, drowning out their first alarm bell with their victorious“ hurray! ” "Knock-knock-knock", - hear? It is not “who is there,” but your body. He is trying to quickly get to the brain, until it is too late.

The fact is that our body is not only calories and a certain percentage of BJU, but also a balanced mechanism, which in order to function properly, you need to get various nutrients during the day. Since in nature there is no product that would contain all or almost all of the necessary in the right quantity, any, even if it is the shortest monodiet, will lead to an instantaneous failure in the system. As a result, stress, painful complexion, dull hair, metabolic disorders (than he faces, you all know).

Diets that do not work

The juice

"Juicy", it is a juice, the diet is the most popular now "reset" method. He recently took possession of the stomachs and minds of everyone and everyone, along with fashion, for everything organic and anti-toxic, stating through the mouths of those who propagandize him that he is able to heal and rejuvenate his body in a matter of days, having rid him of extra pounds on the way.For 3–21 days you, in essence, only do that you drink different juices-water, while invisible slags with toxins and kilograms leave your body. However, the reality is not so attractive.

Our body, being a well-established mechanism with built-in self-cleaning function (liver and kidneys), is able to get rid of waste itself. If we eat something that the body interprets as toxic, the liver helps to get rid of the "poison". If we drink it, kidneys come to the rescue. But when toxins are not in the intestines, but in adipose tissue, then no juices will help you ...

Diets that do not work

“Juicy detox” really helps to lose weight, however (as, incidentally, any low-calorie diet) is not due to the combustion of extra pounds, but due to muscle tissue. The truth is that without taking enough protein from food (and liquid diets are not able to provide it) the body has to borrow this building material from the muscles. But it is in them - the muscles - that those muffins and sausages are processed, which they can not refuse in the mode of an endless celebration of life.

Paradoxically it sounds, but the stronger your muscles are, the more kilojoules you can burn in a day without even getting up from the sofa.While the lack of muscle mass inhibits the metabolic process, because "in times of hunger" the body, without asking you, will reduce the consumption of calories to ensure the functioning of all organs.

Getting rid of toxins in such a radical way leads to diarrhea and dehydration, together with the stale digestive garbage the body will lose a lot of beneficial vitamins and digestive bacteria. The absence of solid fiber in juices (no matter how much pulp in them) will sooner or later lead to malfunctions of the digestive tract, dysbacteriosis and further on the list.

In fact, in the concept of "detoxification" there is nothing wrong, if you approach him wisely. Do not starve yourself for three days, do not deprive of vitamins, proteins and fiber, but save your unhappy body from having to recycle tons of semi-finished products unnecessary every day. And rest assured, he will certainly thank you. Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables instead of unwanted meat and dairy products ensures vigor, good mood and a beautiful reflection in the mirror.

It's a common truth.Want to be healthy and beautiful - be. Do not look for magic pills and do not expect someone to offer.

* The process of weight gain starts from the bottom, and weight loss starts from the top. The first, as a rule, losing weight on the face, further chest and arms, and only then the unwanted disappears from the most "problematic" parts of the body (stomach, buttocks, thighs). This unfair pattern is caused by the fact that the body evenly loses fat, splitting approximately the same amount of lipids in different parts of the subcutaneous fatty tissue.

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