Develop your intuition

Every person has cases in life when we make any decisions, not guided by logic, knowledge and life experience, but simply because our inner voice or some inexplicable premonition tells us to make this or that choice.

And most often this decision turns out to be correct, although we can’t find the arguments that guided us when making it. It’s just that our intuition told us to do so.

Most often you can hear about women's intuition, but this does not mean that men do not have it. Just men always think logically, rely only on facts and do not take into account any forebodings.

We are more sensitive

And women are always a storm of emotions. They have their own logic, which does not fit into any logical laws. All that a woman is guided by is her feelings and sensations. Therefore, they are better versed in people and can quickly make the right decisions, and even simultaneously do several things.

Intuition is the guardian angel of any person.

It helps us in all spheres of life, even when we just walk around the city and suddenly turn to the other side of the road, and at this time a brick falls from the roof - our intuition protects us from the wrong decisions.

Have you ever thought that if a person always lived with feelings and listened to his inner voice, and did not think with a cool head, then the world around would be kinder, brighter, without deceit and betrayal? How can one develop this ability to hear oneself — female intuition?

What is it?

First you need to figure out what it is, and why is it well developed specifically for women?

So, intuition - in translation from Latin means “sight”, i.e. the ability to see a solution to a problem on a subconscious level, guided by your feelings.

It is also called the "inner voice". It can manifest itself in different ways: some people have prophetic dreams, others have a fleeting illumination, while others have a deja vu effect, i.e. it seems to them that all this has happened before, and they know how it will all end.

Intuition, first of all, is connected with emotions and feelings. Therefore, it is better developed in women than in men.Especially well hear their "inner voice" people are creative and emotional. It is easier for them to trust their feelings when making a decision than all other people.

Why do you need it?

After all, so many people in the world can not predict the future, and live well without it?

Good intuition can significantly simplify life, and also helps to better understand people. And this is important in our time, because people, most often, are the causes of all ills and problems. It is very important for any person to know who you can trust. And women in this sense have no equal.

Space communications

We, sometimes, need only look at a person once to immediately understand his whole essence. A woman is very observant and can recognize everything by the gestures of a person, his facial expressions, although she herself does not even suspect what exactly caused her negative attitude towards this person. It happens intuitively, on a subconscious level - we see that a person is lying and trying to hide his lies, is nervous, pulls the pen or scratches his neck.

A woman from ancient times had to protect herself and her children from dangers, while her husband was on the hunt.Therefore, we learned how to quickly process various information, and then quickly make decisions, because the life of our children depended on it. And so with each new generation, all the knowledge gained more and more accumulated in our memory primarily due to emotional connections.

After all, any event leaves its emotional imprint, and the brighter it is, the longer we remember what happened. Over the years, we may forget the details, but those feelings that we experienced will forever remain in our memory. Intuition allows us to impose our previous experience on the current situation, and we make the right decision.

In women, intuition is also very well developed due to the fact that we have someone to train on. Every mother should understand her baby without words, and constantly guess what he wants: to eat, sleep or something hurts him? Over time, we begin to correctly guess all the desires of the child.

There is a connection between mother and baby

So you can improve your intuition. For this, as in any business, you need to constantly engage and work on yourself. This, of course, does not mean that you will become a psychic, but you will learn to trust your inner feelings, to choose the right option from hundreds of possibilities.

So, what should you do to develop your intuition?

This will help you all kinds of games and exercises. Without practice you will fail.

For a start, you can use the most simple children's games, for example, take a few cards with pictures, look at them carefully, then turn them over, close your eyes and mix, and then try to guess where, what kind of picture. Thus, it is worth at least 20 minutes every day, gradually increasing the time and complexity of classes.

Also, in order to hear the voice of your intuition, you can play the Brainstorm game. Its essence lies in the fact that for a certain time on the question asked, you need to speak out loud without hesitation to say any phrases that may not even be related to your topic. And in the midst of this chaos of thoughts you will surely have one, which will be the right decision.

This game is very often used in business areas, when it comes to a dead end and cannot find the right answer using logical thinking. Sometimes, the correct solution may be in the most unexpected place.

Since the right brain is responsible for our emotions,and intuition is directly related to our feelings, in order to develop this “inner voice” in you, you need to do absolutely any kind of creativity.

The main thing is that you switch your logical thinking to an emotional wave. Being engaged in creativity, you just can not experience different emotions.

A very good exercise in order to wake up your intuition - performing any actions with an unfamiliar hand. For example, you are right handed and you need to know the answer to your question. Then you write it down with your right hand, and write the answer with your left. The essence of this technique is that your brain is fully concentrated on the process of writing, and not on logical thinking, and you will give the answer purely intuitively.

Also, the development of intuition depends on your observation. Learn to pay attention to gestures, facial expressions and various actions of people around you. Try to guess what they think and feel at the moment. Imagine that you feel being in their place?

This will help you in the future to correctly understand people and always come out the winner from any situation,because you can predict in advance the reaction of your opponent to your actions. For example, you go to a boss to submit an annual report. If you imagine what his emotions will be, you can prepare arguments to convince him that you are right.

Develop your abilities

And in general, often ask yourself any questions. For example: “Who is calling?”, “What's in the email?”, “When will the rain end?”, Etc. Answer these questions, and then check, were you right or not? Even a regular coin can help you develop your intuition. If you throw it up many times and guess “eagle” or “tails”, then soon you are more likely to be able to correctly give the correct answer.

Another exercise for training intuitions is psycho radar, i.e. development of the ability to find objects with closed eyes. To do this, you need to carefully examine your subject: its shape, size, distance to it. After that, blindfold, spin several times and try to find him blindly. In this case, you need to mentally imagine where your subject is.

If it didn’t work out right away, don’t be upset. Repeat the exercise again and again.

In order to be a successful person you need to make any decisions with ease. And in this your intuition will help you. Learn to hear your inner voice from thousands of different voices. Trust your gut! And then your life will be much easier!

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