Decoupage of Easter eggs

As time flies, things are full, as always, as we sit down now we decorate the decor for the Easter table. Each egg thus made warms the soul and pleases the eye. So let's get started. To decorate an egg, we need the egg itself, in our case - wooden blank, acrylic paints, napkin, glue, varnish. In addition, we need such ancillary things as different brushes, sponges, sanding pads.
So that we are pleased to pick up our decorative egg, first we grind it with emery paper.
grind the egg
The second stage - with a sponge we cover our blank with acrylic paint, necessarily white. To keep the background even, cover it several times. After each application of paint, in order to get a result sooner, we blow-dry our preparation. We take care not to overheat our product, otherwise there may be irregularities due to uneven drying of the paint. But if that happens, it doesn't matter. We take into the hands of sandpaper and carefully remove the irregularity.
Decoupage eggs
 Decoupage of eggs
When the white background is ready, proceed to the napkin. Carefully tear out the fragment we need. We tear it out so that the edges of the napkin are not noticeable after gluing. In order not to accidentally tear or tear too much, hold the napkin with your fingers close to the edge where the tearing line should go. You can fix the edge with your fingernail. Then we apply the torn element to the workpiece - this is how we determine where it is better to glue the motif.
 Decoupage of eggs
 Decoupage of eggs
Now we proceed directly to gluing motive. This can be done in two ways: by the dry method with a brush and glue, and by the wet method - wetting our fragment in water beforehand. In this MC, the second method will be used. We take the file with which we will glue the napkin (I use a very soft and stretching cellophane, it is very convenient for me). We put the torn off element of the napkin face down, moisten with an atomizer,carefully level the wrinkles, be sure to drain excess water, take the file in hand and apply a wet fragment to our workpiece. Through the cellophane align the piece of napkin, we expel all the bubbles and carefully, very carefully remove the file from the workpiece. We make sure that the fragment of the napkin remains on the blank, and not on the file. After that, gently blot our product from excess water, then cover the fragment on the workpiece with glue for decoupage. Drying. Decoupage of eggs
 decoration for the Easter table
>img src="" alt="Decoupage of eggs" title="Decoupage of eggs">
Decoupage of eggs The next step, if we finish our egg and grind, for this we cover the product first a layer of varnish. When grinding the folds, it will protect our decor from accidental damage. Luck take construction. The main work is over. Now - a flight of fancy. We finish the elements that are either missing or damaged during sticking. We focus on something, use contours, putties, stencils - who likes that in decoupage. Be sure to varnish our work, at least three times.I cover my works with five layers, the appearance of the product - as glass is covered.  decoration for the Easter table
Good luck in your work, my dear .

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