Decorate jeans with acrylic: washing these paints is not terrible

New trend - art painting denim. And in the fashion as a chaotic spray, which look as if the owner of things simply wriggled in the paint, and real works of art. Arm yourself with several cans of acrylic paint and create your own masterpiece!

Flowers in any variations

Floral ornament, which this season is decorated with most of the dresses and skirts, will look great on jeans. In addition, the flowers are pretty easy to draw - and a beginner can handle it! If the paint falls on the fabric with lumps, dilute it a little with water.

Use stencils

If drawing lessons at school didn’t cause you anything but panic attacks, you shouldn’t despair anyway. Fashionable thing can be created with a stencil and a foam rubber sponge. The desired image is easy to find in the vast network.

Splashes of color

Painting on denim does not require you to be perfectly accurate, and some projects even suggest smearing paint on fabric. Let the jeans look like an artist's palette.Colorful sprays can be easily made with an old toothbrush.

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