Curtains: design, lambrequins, fabric, eaves

If you have become a happy owner of your own apartment or are planning to make a grandiose renovation, pay attention to curtains. They play a significant role in the interior, and the decor of the windows is important for creating a cozy and unique atmosphere. How to choose the right curtains, and what role do they play?

Curtains like makeup on a woman's face: hide flaws and emphasize virtues. If there is a lot of make-up or it is tasteless, you can spoil everything. And curtains can change the window for better or worse. The choice should not miss the little things: window size, location, ceiling height, interior of the apartment, color, style and pattern.

Curtain Design

The most common and popular version of curtains is a combination of two different types of fabrics - a transparent curtain hanging down to the floor or slightly below the window sill, and a curtain of thick and weighted fabric that adorns the window at the edges. Curtains with a transverse stripe suitable for narrow rooms.Cross lines with a clear and contrasting pattern increase the effect. For small and poorly lit rooms, any curtains with a light shade will do.

Hue and stripes

Vertical stripes are used in low ceiling spaces. To make portieres create a greater effect, the fabric should be bought with a margin, 2 or 3 times larger than the width of the window.

It is advised to choose curtains lighter or darker than the shade of the walls. Yellow, orange or red hues are considered warm tones, and blue or gray - cold. The feeling of warmth and comfort is attached by curtains made of heavy and dense fabrics.

Pillows for a sofa, a blanket, covers for armchairs will serve as a guide in the selection of colors. If you are unable to create a perfect match, sew a few pillows from the same fabric as the curtains. It turns out a great addition to the decor in the room. Designers recommend stitching a tablecloth or napkins from fabric for curtains, which can be put on a coffee table or on shelves of shelves.

Video examples of curtains for the living room

Fabrics with a pattern

When choosing fabrics with a pattern, be extremely careful. In contrast to monochrome color, the pattern is selected taking into account the existing themes of the interior.Figure can be associated with the ornament of the carpet on the floor or with other elements of decor with a specific artistic sense. The perfectly selected color range of curtains and interior creates an image of completeness, consistency and completeness.

Lightweight translucent fabrics designers advise to apply where the appointment of the room allows. A muffled pattern or iridescent fabric is allowed. Large and contrasting elements of the decor make the interior heavier.

Rules for spacious rooms, large living rooms, halls, bedrooms: use long and curvy drapes with drapes, bows or multi-layered fabrics.


Lambrequins (special decoration in the form of a frill of various shapes, located above the curtain) give style and completeness to the decoration.

With lambrequins decorate the top of the window, cover the cornice and the partition, which visually changes the proportions of the window. Lambrequins are made from the same fabric as curtains, lace, sew cords and brushes.

Type of sewing lambrequins

  • Bando- lambrequins on a rigid basis. A strip of fabric, where the edges are straight or figured shape. Suitable for offices and classrooms.
  • - a lambrequin on a soft basis.Used in the premises of the classical style and looks like a set of semicircles with folds. You can combine soft and hard fabrics using different color schemes.
  • Perekidaa kind of lambrequin, when the fabric spontaneously saggers, curling the cornice. If the cornice is beautiful, there is no need to hide it.

100 models of curtains in the kitchen

Choosing a fabric for curtains

If you choose to protect from light, the fabric should be soaked with a special solution so that it burns less in the sun.

Curtains, which are often washed, choose from a strong linen fabric without lining. The most practical fabric is polyester. Such curtains are easily erased at home at 30-40 degrees. To curtains of velvet, apply a dry cleaning.

Cloth is not suitable for rooms where a large part of the day is illuminated by the sun. They quickly fade and lose their original color. Silk curtains look spectacular, pleasant to the touch, but additional protection is needed, as they burn out in the sun.

When you design an office or office, choose from taffeta, which looks quite interesting, reflects the sun's rays and is easy to clean.Among the artificial fabrics, viscose is considered to be the most popular and practical. One of the most positive qualities - fire resistance. Among natural fabrics the most popular flax with additives. For example, if you add dolphin, the fabric will become light and shiny. Curtains made of this fabric look best in the kitchen, if in harmony with the kitchen furniture.

Curtains made of mixed or synthetic fabrics are practical, practically do not wrinkle, they are easily erased at home. Not less attractive and popular remains flizelin. It is very light and durable. Curtains made of natural fabric in combination with acrylic and polyester wear-resistant, repel dust, practically do not require ironing, almost do not fade in the sun.

The classic version of fabrics is velor, velvet, tweed, satin, jacquard, flax, silk, organza.

We select the eaves

Cornices made of plastic are not suitable for heavy curtains. To attach the tulle, choose a double cornice. If conceived lambrequin - triple cornice.

Choose curtain rods with sliding hooks and clips, so as not to constantly pull the curtains. Curtains covering the entire wall widen the window opening, so take the eaves equal in width to the window.For curtains with pelmet attachment ceiling mount.

Curtain rods are matched to the color of the parquet or furniture to fit into the overall interior of the room. Eaves from a tree of a nut, an oak or a pine, approach to classical registration of rooms.

Classic curtains look better on forged cornices, which are made with tips in the form of a spear or a form of leaves, reminiscent of the medieval era. Such design is possible only in a spacious room, and only millionaires can afford such products.

Metal curtain rods are durable, conservative and perfectly harmonize with the furniture. The tips are made in the form of geometric shapes, and the curtains are mounted on metal rings or hinges. Designers advise such cornices to be fixed in the kitchen.

The most common aluminum curtain rods. They are durable, inexpensive, easy to bend and change shape. Cheapest - plastic cornices. They are good for a nursery where it is possible to embody various dreams and imaginations of the child.

Additional design recommendations

Curtains are easy to change or add independently. You can not open it daily, but tie the edges with ribbons or bows.In the bedroom or classic living room instead of ribbons tied up with beads.

In anticipation of a holiday or celebration, the curtains are decorated with brooches - delicate butterflies and dragonflies, intricate flowers or snowflakes. So you can create a new year's interior.

Regardless of the time of year, the curtains will be the perfect frame for the interior, which will bring joy, beauty and convenience.

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Properly chosen interior is a whole world created with a soul, changing mood, creating style and character. Let it warm all people around with its warmth, even in the most fierce cold, gives good and cordiality.

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